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Fuluan Goddess

Fuluan Goddess (Novel)
Other Name: 扶鸾神降

Genre: novel, science fiction
Author: Zheng Zhan Xingye
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Yang Lingxiao mainly tells the story of an ordinary citizen who is born with a fairy bone, and he has the technique of supporting and descending the gods. Please gods will come and descend. Pro. The story of demon blocking and exterminating demons.

Free reading:
Thinking of this, my heart sank, and hurriedly asked: “What happened to Li Gouzi? Have you seen my grandpa!”

The next few people were knocking, listening to me, and then they realized “Oh? That’s not right… This doesn’t seem to be Li Gouzi…”

When I looked up again, my nose was mad. This is not the youngest son of Yang Banxian’er. You said that you didn’t sleep in the middle of the night and frightened people with such a outfit!

These people weren’t Li Gouzi at first sight, and I was frightened by the anger, so they didn’t care about me. If it weren’t for escaping from the dead just now, and I really didn’t want to be nonsense, I would have been beaten now.

It’s just that I don’t have the enthusiasm now, so I just replied casually: “Your father? Dead!” Continue to run to the village.

But their angry remark doesn’t matter, I take it seriously. That’s a bolt from the blue! died? My grandfather’s figure suddenly kept repeating in my mind.

Suddenly I am sad from the heart! But then, there was hatred in my heart. Xin said: “Well, you Li Gouzi! My grandfather is so kind to overtake you, but you don’t know how to be grateful, but you harm him! Today I and you will not be at odds with you! I will make you so soulless and never overthrow!”

I thought in my heart, I was angry from my heart and evil to the courage. I used the Tianzun whisk in my hand to slap the donkey’s butt and rushed straight up the mountain.

To say that this donkey is known for its endurance, whether it is walking at night or climbing a mountain is a good hand. It didn’t take long to run to the edge of the grave circle.

Looking up, the two figures in the dark night are the delights of you and me.

This is fun to me. What’s the matter? Two people! No need to ask one of them must be my grandpa! His old man must be alive!

Man, that’s it. When you have something, you may not care about it. But once it is lost, you will know its preciousness.

What is more precious is the joy of being lost and regained. I feel that way now. This kind of psychological reaction to me turned into a thought, I have to help my grandpa anyway! Can’t lose my only relative again!

Ever since, I didn’t care about the status of the two of them. I urged Baoluo to charge in. But the donkey, who was very obedient just now, didn’t move.

Animals are generally much better at predicting danger than humans. You see, “The ants are moving, heavy rain is coming.” I am blinded by a black light and can’t see what’s going on. I can only see the two figures PK.

But this black donkey is different, it can see the two groups of ghost evil spirits constantly colliding. The instinct of seeking good fortune and avoiding evil drove it unwilling to move forward.

This makes me anxious. You have probably heard the term “donkey temper”. This donkey is the most stubborn in the animal kingdom.

If it doesn’t want to move forward, it won’t move if you pull, pull, or hit. There is a saying that is “to hold on to not walk, but to retreat”.

But I can’t say to throw the donkey down on myself. Why? I am also scared! I’m just a high school senior who just graduated, so how can I be able to slay demons and demons!

This ride on a donkey can help me condescendingly. Everyone knows the truth that “cavalry” defeats “infantry”.

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