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First-class concubine, please enlighten me

First-class concubine, please enlighten me (Novel)
Other Name: 一等贤妃,冷王请赐教

Genre: novel, historical
Author: song of lovesickness
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Chu Yuqing Murong Yan, who is like a princess in her soul, woke up to find that the prince and the concubine had sexual intercourse, unbearable. By accident, he fell into the bath of a mysterious man. She would rather die than follow the love potion, but he developed a small interest in her…

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When Chu Yuqing packed up and opened the door, he saw Chun Bai walking around in front of the door with an anxious look, “What happened to Chun Bai?” Chu Yuqing said.

Chunbai immediately greeted Chu Yuqing’s voice, and immediately told Chu Yuqing what had happened in the front hall.

It turned out that Lin Qinger said that she accidentally discovered that He Suxue was having a private meeting with a man, and then she found out the man and tied it back to the mansion to let He Suxue admit that she had a private meeting with the man. After all, she planned to tell Murong the whole thing. Court.

As soon as Chu Yuqing heard it, he immediately understood the generality. I guess it was the woman Lin Qinger who was idle and nothing happened, just listening to Chun Bai.

With Lin Qing’er’s forces unable to reach outside, it is certain that Chu Xiang made a bad idea behind his back and asked Lin Qing’er to attack He Suxue.

Actually, I didn’t want to intervene in the Murongting women’s affairs, but I also thought that He Suxue had helped me before, and this time I couldn’t look at it.

As soon as he arrived in the hall, Chu Yuqing heard Lin Qing’er viciously shouting, “Continue to use acupuncture, I won’t believe it and can’t open your mouth, He Suxue, do you admit it or not?”

I saw He Suxue kneeling on the ground motionless, and then slowly shook her head firmly and said, “What I haven’t done before, naturally I can’t let you spill sewage on me and I agree.”

Lin Qing’er was even more open when seeing He Suxue’s appearance. Since He Suxue did not admit it, He Suxue was favored by Murongting because he played a good piano. So today, she abolished He Suxue’s hand. In the future, what tricks can He Suxue use to seduce Murong Ting.

“What are you still doing in a daze? Didn’t I say that I didn’t hear it? Believe it or not, I dare to show mercy to this unchaste woman. Believe it or not, I will tell the prince to go.” Lin Qing’er looked at the maids standing by with a grim look and said.

The maid shrank back when she was frightened, and looked at He Suxue’s ten fingers with blood. As the saying goes, the pain of the ten fingers is the most terrible, and the maids really can’t help.

It’s just that Lin Qing’er is pressing and threatening from the side. The maids really have no choice but to pick up the needle and stick it at He Suxue’s fingertips.

Seeing that he was about to start, Chu Yuqing immediately rebuked, “Hold on, stop me.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard Chu Yuqing’s voice, and looked towards Chu Yuqing’s direction. Chu Xiang stood aside and the corners of his mouth were slightly cocked, involuntarily mocking Chu Yuqing for being unable to protect himself and thinking of protecting others.

“Oh, who is this? Isn’t this our princess? The princess always doesn’t care about this kind of thing, is it possible that he has to intervene today? Still stupefied what he is doing and continue to prick me until I say it.” Lin Qinger After watching Chu Yuqing with a hypocritical face, the girl turned to the side and said angrily.

The maid was taken aback for a moment, glanced at Chu Yuqing with embarrassment, then at Lin Qing’er, who was full of anger, and finally picked up the needle and prepared to pierce it.

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