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Easy and Crazy Soldier

Easy and Crazy Soldier (Novel)
Other Name: 逍遥狂兵

Genre: novel, science fiction
Author: Xiaoyao Kuang
Year: 20XX
Chapter: 40+
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Lin Xuan, the king of soldiers is not dead, and quietly returns! Lin Xuan wanted to spend the rest of his life in peace, but God refused to allow him. Fei’e, beautiful women of all colors, flew into the fire and hugged him. The rich and young wanted to get rid of him and all the beautiful women stayed behind. The enemy slapped him to death. Great, what Lin Xuan said is the rules, those who follow me prosper, and those who oppose me perish.

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Just being lifted up, Lin Xuan slowly walked out from the side. He looked at the bright red liquid in the goblet in Ye Xiao’s hand not far away, and the corner of his mouth was slightly curved. “Wait!”

When the voice fell, almost everyone in the hall turned their eyes to Lin Xuan.

Lin Xuan stood indifferently on the spot, facing the gazes of many Binhai city leaders, without the slightest disturbance.

Then, he stepped forward step by step, raised his hand and gently took the red wine glass in Ye Xiao’s hand in his own hand: “I am President Ye’s bodyguard. Now I suspect that there is a problem in the red wine, so I need to check it. “

While talking, Lin Xuan slowly placed the wine glass on the table in front of him.

“You mean, there is a problem in this wine?” Wu Kun asked faintly, narrowing his eyes.


Lin Xuan smiled slightly, and then gently pushed the wine glass in front of Wu Kun.

“I suspect that the waist in this wine glass was made by Master Wu.”

“what did you say?”

A furious voice sounded slightly, Wu Kun’s complexion was not turbulent, but the few bodyguards beside him suddenly became angry.

Lin Xuan’s pupils narrowed slightly. The standing posture and behavior of these bodyguards were not comparable to those of ordinary bodyguards. They must be masters who were born in a family of martial arts.

And when the voices of these people fell, Lin Xuan clearly felt that there was a slight movement in the houses on the side.

“It seems that there are many opponents this time…”

Lin Xuan smiled and was not afraid: “If Master Wu thinks I have misunderstood you, would you dare to drink this glass of wine?”

Lin Xuan’s words directly irritated everyone present. For a while, all the bigwigs of Binhai City focused their eyes on the expressionless Wu Kun.

Everyone has a glass of red wine in their hands. If it is Ye Xiao’s medicine, then their glass is booming, it’s hard to tell whether it is wine or medicine…

With the strength of the Wu family, Rao could not withstand the suspicion of so many Binhai bosses.

Moreover, in the face of the talks, the medicine was prescribed. Once the incident spreads, Wu Kun will not be the only one to lose his reputation!

The entire Wu family behind him had to be cast aside by others, and no one dared to cooperate with them ever since!

Wu Kun faintly glanced at the wine glass on the table, with a scornful smile on his face: “In this glass of wine, I was indeed drugged.”


As soon as this statement was made, the expressions of everyone present changed!

I thought it was a business meeting for common development, but I didn’t expect it to be a grand feast!

At this time, although Ye Xiao didn’t say a word, his bright red lips were whitish by teeth.

A pair of autumn water-like eyes contained a deep sense of anger.

“Wu Kun, you beast!” Ye Xiao clenched his fists and said coldly.

Wu Kun calmly glanced at all the bosses present, and then said lightly: “I only made tricks in Ye Xiao’s cup alone, and other bosses, I will not cheat!”

“Master Wu, how do we trust you?”

Boss Zhu, the boss of the Red Lions Club, asked with a ferocious expression that this happened on his site, so he had to give him an explanation.

“Because just yesterday, when my brother Wu Shaohui went to Ye Xiao’s Dynasty Entertainment City to consume, he was interrupted in his limbs and is now dying!”

Wu Kun squinted his eyes, with a cold tone in his tone.

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