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Concubine in power: Your Majesty, please stay

Concubine in power: Your Majesty, please stay (Novel)
Other Name: 谋妃当道:陛下请上榻

Genre: novel, historical
Author: Jian Xiaomei
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Lu Rushang, who ultimately survives the battle in the harem, must win the world. Wearing a red dress with dragons and phoenixes, and wearing gold ornaments, Lu Rushang walked towards the throne called the throne step by step. On the way to the throne, corpses were piled up.

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The arrival of the second prince surprised everyone. It was said that the second prince should not enter the harem, after all, the harem belonged to the emperor alone. But he entered from the gate of the Sanye Hall in a stately place, yet he swore like this. What do you promise? Surely the Queen Mother will not blame, and even more so that Han Yufu will swallow this breath?

No, he knew from the beginning that entering this Sanye Temple was the beginning of his own disaster.

But since it is to save people, it is to go through fire and water, and do whatever it takes.

“Your Majesty, where are you singing?” Yang Meiqing’s voice was cold and high, as if she didn’t want to see this person appear here.

Seeing this, Han Shaohuan respectfully said to Yang Meiqing and Han Yufu, “The queen mother is auspicious, and the emperor is auspicious. Today, my courtier came to visit the mother and empress, and he heard that there were other reasons for the miscarriage of Concubine Lu in Sanyedian, so I came to listen to one or two.”

Sitting in the front part of the main hall, Yang Meiqing stroked the ring on her little finger, with a calm expression, and said: “This harem is the emperor’s harem. I’m afraid the second highness is in the wrong place.”

Han Shaohuan smiled slightly. Instead of being frightened by Yang Meiqing’s momentum, he chose a side seat, and Yunzi sat down and said, “Erchen originally thought it had nothing to do with Erchen, so it is true that Erchen came here this time. There was something abrupt, but when Erchen was at the door, he was surprised to hear that Guigui Ji had an affair with Concubine Lu. This was a shame. Even if he borrowed his a hundred courage, he did not dare… …”

“…Since Concubine Ji has misunderstood so deeply, then the son can only sit down and listen to the testimony of Concubine Ji, and see how the son and concubine Lu are so entangled with Concubine Lu, how they are pregnant with Concubine Lu, and how to make Concubine Lu be young Produced.” Han Shaohuan picked up the bowl cover that the maid just happened to pass over, and finished talking about the treacherous words without authorization, and even Han Yufu and Yang Meiqing turned pale, not knowing how to talk about the second prince in front of him.

He gently blew the fragrant tea water, took a deep breath, and took a sip of the tea slowly.

Han Yuzhe, who was sitting next to Yang Meiqing, was impatient and knocked on the table violently, causing the tea bowl on the table to clash, “Bold! Han Shaohuan, do you know what you are talking about?”

Han Shaohuan blinked his eyes pretending to be innocent, and said, “Brother Huang also thinks that his ministers are nonsense? Then why do you believe in Ji Guifei’s side words.”

This sentence made Han Yu speechless. Ji Wuge, who was sitting opposite, heard this and immediately defended in anxious manner: “That day, Concubine Lu, who was beaten into the cold palace, escaped from the cold palace. On the side of the prince, he told me in person with Concubine Lu’s little box, how can there be fakes?”

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