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Beauty’s Puzzle

Beauty’s Puzzle (Novel)
Other Name: 美人迷局

Genre: Novel, science fiction
Author: Misia
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Ashe wakes up and becomes a murderer. Fleeing in a panic, or surrendering himself? The big star Ash was caught by the police before he could make a choice, and one puzzle after another followed. Did the authorities take the initiative to fight and save herself, or did she fall into the abyss of darkness?

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Wrapped in a bathrobe and drenched with wet hair, Ashe sat on the sofa in the living room downstairs, Qiqi was treating her wounds. After the disinfection, Qiqi took a bottle of spray and sprayed it on the incision on the inner side of Ashe’s arm. The wound quickly formed a scab, and only a red line was faintly visible. Then, he treated the scar on the neck. This spray is a genetic spray medicine that can quickly repair wounds on the surface of the skin.

After that, Ashe looked in the mirror and looked at the faint red line on her neck, and the cold touch flashed through her mind. The action of dragging her into the water was really dangerous, because if she didn’t pay attention, she would kill her. Up.

Guaiguai brought the two detectives downstairs, and they walked in front of Ashe.

“Ms. Ashe, after we surveyed the scene, we found that only Ms. Ashe’s genetic traces remained at the scene!” The tall detective who spoke was the man who interrogated Ashe in the afternoon.

Ashe put away the mirror and looked at the tall detective: “If this is the case, she is most likely to have cloned my personal genes?”

After hearing this, the tall criminal police spoke up and said: “It is possible, but for the case that happened just now, Ms. Ash hopes that you can provide this memory cloud record and the record of the picture that your robot saw at that time!”

“Yes, but my robot’s record needs to be modified!” Ashe said.

“Why?” the tall detective asked.

“I was naked at the time!” Ashe replied straightforwardly.

The tall detective immediately understood, and nodded: “Yes, you can send me the picture after you have modified it!”

Ashe later provided her own memory cloud record, and the woman who was seen fighting with her on the screen was the same as Ashe described, no different from her. She was dressed exactly the same as when she was taken to the police station from the dock. And if it wasn’t for the report first, then the fight scene would really make people mistakenly think that this is a wonderful underwater fight scene of Ashe in a certain movie.

After the tall detective finished reading it, he said, “Her target is Mr. L, which means she wants to find Mr. L through you?”

“It should be like this!” Ashe replied, “and this person is most likely the murderer of Bai Ying! I hope the police will catch it as soon as possible!”

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