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Blood Parade Manga

Blood Parade Manga (Manga)
Other Name: BLOOD PARADE ; ブラッドパレード

Genres: manga, Shounen, Action, Fantasy, Supernatural, Vampire
Kazuyoshi karasawa
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A young woman wreathed with long, silvery hair, and the blood red moon hanging high in the sky behind her. She is the Pure Blood, the origin of all vampirekind. Gilles, a young man haunted by his family’s death at her hands, vows revenge by joining the ranks of the twelve Apostles, special agents with the power to kill vampires. With all his training behind him, Gilles sets out on the last part of his exam to become an Apostle: killing a vampire. Joining him is Luna, a cutie with a duty to protect him from harm while he does his work. But things don’t go as planned when there are signs the advance team has already been killed. Worse than that, his bodyguard Luna may not be everything she’s claimed to be…

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