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Maleficarum Manga

Maleficarum (Manga)
Other Name: Maleficarum – Ops Villa ; Maleficarum: Darkstalkers/Red Earth

Genres: manga, Ecchi, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural, Vampire
Mami itou
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A series of wonderfully illustrated short stories featuring the characters of Darkstalkers. Plus, four chapters featuring the lesser known Capcom series, Red Earth. •First chapter, Demitri barges into Morrigan’s bedroom and demands she fight him. Suddenly, Jedah appears with a new friend… •Chapters 2-5, The kingdom of Savalia has been in disarray ever since King Leo was cursed and exiled. After years of tireless search, Leo’s subjects have found him and sacrificed themselves to restore his power. Now he fights for his lost kingdom alongside a few unique allies. •Chapter 6, Demitri is approached by a woman whom he has never met before, but there is more to her then meets the eye. Has the great Demitri met his match?! •Chapter 7, Morrigan recounts her first encounter with Donovan. •Chapter 8, How Donovan came across the demon blade. •Chapter 9, A strange woman appears at Jon Talbain’s door that seems to know more about him then he is comfortable with.

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