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Red Blood Red Legacy Manga

Red Blood Red Legacy (Manga)
Other Name: Red Blood Red Legacy / 赤赫血物語〈アカアカトシタチノモノガタリ〉 / Akaaka to Shita Chi no Monogatari / Akaaka Toshita Chi no Monogatari

Genres: manga, Adult, Ecchi, Action, Drama, Supernatural, Vampire
103 End
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the Brothers Itsuki and Hayato are looking forward to the festival tomorrow, where Itsuki will finally get to consummate his relationship with beautiful, smooth-skinned Wakana. To mark the occasion, Itsuki decides to fetch her a sun lily—the flower of devotion for lovers—from the Forbidden Mountain. But the mountain is forbidden for a reason. Rumors abound of a vampiric human, a true vampire, and hiding in the forested foothills is a house filled with splendid sundries. There, Itsuki and Hayato meet a naked young woman suspended in a web of red, red cloth. Surely, this can’t be the vampire… can she? What is she doing so close to the village? And why can’t Itsuki shake the feeling that he’s met her before?

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