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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 21 Recap

Xufeng and Jin Mi were not in the heavens, and the fairy under Moon played boringly with Fairy Yuanji to throw darts at a real target. When the two were vying for whom to play tricks, Kuang Lu came to visit. Kuang Lu is the jewel in the palm of Taisi Immortal. On her father’s order, Yuexia Xianren and Yuanji Xianzi were invited to Taisi Mansion to have a drink and listen to a show. However, Yuexia Xianren thought Kuang Lu’s dress was too dull, as if she was in a funeral.

Fairy Yuanji reprimanded the fairy under the moon for not speaking, saying that this was the quiet and elegant wind in the palace. When the two were arguing about this, Kuang Lu hurried to the front and said that she also felt that the fairy under the moon was saying something. Rationale. The immortal Moon under Moon changed Kuang Lu into a red dress, and praised Kuang Lu and Jin Mi very much. Kuang Lu remembered Jin Mi and told herself that Run Yu was like the same person as herself, and couldn’t help being happy.

Xu Feng fell asleep on the table, but he heard Jin Mi’s shout outside the house, only to realize that he had recovered. Xu Feng was afraid that Jin Mi had many doubts about her own life experience. The situation was complicated at the moment. Xu Feng did not want to hurt Jin Mi, so she continued to pretend to be deaf and dumb. Jin Mi has always wondered why she could not cure Xufeng, and was very impatient. Xu Feng used this to inquire about Jin Mi’s news. Jin Mi didn’t want to reveal her identity as a holy medical clan, thinking that Xu Feng would not hear it anyway, so she said her name, Jin Mi.

Runyu sat by the river thinking of Jin Mi, but saw Kuang Lu appear in a red dress. Kuang Lu said that Real Taisi let herself bring Runyu a pot of wine, called Bingxin Jade Pot. Runyu understood the meaning of the real Taiyi, but he still said coldly to Kuang Lu. Kwong Lucheng said something drunk and annoyed Runyu. She felt sorry for Runyu to be alone and tolerate herself.

She hoped that Runyu would expose her true temperament more and not to hold all emotions in her heart. Kwong Lu forcibly stuffed the red thread of the fairy under the moon into Runyu’s hands, saying that it was to win a lot of money and wish him what he wanted to achieve, and that he could cultivate with Jin Mi as soon as possible.

Jin Mi grabbed a centipede from the mountain to frighten Xu Feng, but didn’t want Xu Feng to swallow it raw. Jin Mi saw that Xu Feng liked raw food, and brought a little snail to try to make him a drug. Unexpectedly, this little thing scared Xu Feng into hiding. Jin Mi prepared a medicated bath for Xu Feng, and found that Xu Feng had many scars, so he asked him not to ruin his body any more.

Runyu went to the hall of marriage of the Immortal Moon under the red line, and accidentally saw all the interaction between Jin Mi and Xu Feng. Seeing the two close together, Runyu’s fists were tightly clenched together. Xu Feng accompanied Jin Mi to gather medicine. He still pretended to be deaf and mute, but it did not prevent Jin Mi from talking to him along the way. Because Xu Feng couldn’t speak, Jin Mi felt more relieved to say all the things she didn’t dare to say. In her mind, Xu Feng was the best listener.

After the fairy under Moon came back, Runyu returned the red thread that Kuang Lu had asked for, and the fairy under Moon joked to ask him to tie another person back. Runyu became even more angry when he heard that, and asked anyone in the heaven who didn’t know his thoughts.

Jin Mi and Xu Feng continued to gather medicine on the mountain, but they met people from Nanping Hou searching the mountain. When Jin Mi saw this, he wanted to take Xu Feng to take the road and leave, but was almost spotted by the officers and soldiers. Xu Feng hugged Jin Mi and rolled down the hillside together.

Jin Mi was still asking Xu Feng loudly about the situation, but Xu Feng had to kiss him in desperation. The leader asked his soldiers to search in the surrounding villages, but they were killed by someone posing as a king. When Xu Feng heard these words, he was even more convinced that these people were trying to make excuses for killing the king.

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