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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 15 Recap

After a thousand years of emotional trauma, Luo Lin finally learned that she and the beloved woman are connected with each other, and she gave birth to such an eerie daughter for herself. He took Jin Mi’s hand and entered the Nine Heavens Cloud Palace together.

In the palace, Xufeng is playing the Fengshou 箜篌, the first melody of the six realms. The God of Water asked the Emperor to take back the spiritual power of Jin Mi and said that Jin Mi was his daughter with the Flower God. Everyone found it incredible, only Xu Feng was overjoyed after hearing this. The emperor asked the water god to tell Jin Mi’s true body, and the water god used Jin Mi’s birth date to calculate that the true body was a six-petal frost flower. After hearing this, the emperor came to Jin Mi and withdrew his spiritual power. Because Jinmi is the eldest daughter of the water god, the Emperor of Heaven directly betrothed Jinmi to Runyu.

Xu Feng was hurt by the side, but seeing Jin Mi did not refuse, he took off the Huan Di Feng Ling that Jin Mi had given him in a fit of anger. Runyu wanted to return Huandi Fengling, but Xufeng was very sad, and told Jin Mi that he was not only the Fengling, but if he wanted to, he would pay it all. Jin Mi thought that Xu Feng was about to regain a thousand years of spiritual power, and hurriedly took Feng Ling’s protection in her arms. Xu Feng did not want to be left alone to increase her sadness. When Jin Mi was about to meet her tomorrow, she would meet at the pond.

Suihe found Xufeng, tested Xufeng’s friendship with Jinmi, and reminded Xufeng that he should not forget his identity.

The god of water and the god of wind said everything that Zi Fen had suffered back then, and the god of wind was blaming himself and wanted to get justice for Zi Fen, but the god of water said that she deliberately concealed it at the beginning because she hoped that the two would not participate in this dispute. The two decided not to blame themselves too much and guard Jin Mi with their heart.

Seeing Xufeng sitting alone in the courtyard, Immortal Moon was lost, so he advised him that Jin Mi had not yet married Runyu, and everything was still in time. Xu Feng’s things have always been shared with Runyu, but he does not want to share Jin Mi with others. The immortal Yuexia suggested that the most important thing now is to understand Jin Mi’s mind. As long as the two people have the same mind, no one can separate the two.

The subordinate reported to Xufeng that the man in black had sneaked into the water god Luoxiang Mansion the last time he appeared, and never came out again, so the water god and the mouse fairy are the two most suspect. Xu Feng analyzed that the person in black intended to provoke his relationship with Runyu and the God of Water. He ordered the withdrawal of the large troops, creating an illusion of no longer inquiring, and let the people in black relax their vigilance.

The mouse fairy pleaded with the water god, saying that he accidentally let Jin Mi reveal his true body. Luo Lin frankly thanked Mouse Fairy for his move, which allowed him to find his daughter. The Mouse Fairy asked Water God to accompany him in the ten-evil chess game that he hadn’t played with Monarch Dongting last time. Luo Lin felt that the game was too murderous, and understood that this was an invitation from Monarch Dongting in disguise, so he refused.

Suihe and the empress complained about Jin Mi and Runyu. The empress believed that the reason why Runyu had entered into marriage with the water god was to fight against Xufeng as soon as possible. The empress decided to make an early decision to marry Suihe, and gave up the thoughts that others should not have, but Xu Feng directly rejected the empress’s proposal, frankly just wanting to live with her beloved for a lifetime, and did not want to give up her position for power. Love. Sui He hid on the side and heard Xu Feng’s answer very hurt, and even more resented Jin Mi.

Knowing the truth, Luo Lin could no longer face the Emperor, and the Emperor prayed that Luo Lin would forgive him and did not want to lose his confidant. The water god follows Zifen’s last wish and no longer repays grievances. The Emperor of Heaven promised to hold the grandest wedding ceremony for Runyu and Jinmi.

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