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Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 11 Recap

Tian Xian blushed with Yanyou and Jin Mi tasting the wine, boasting that the secret wine of Xian’s house was the finest wine, and fell drunk before finishing his words. Yanyou introduced to Jinmi the four major products in the world: eating, drinking and having fun, which made Jinmi interested. I don’t know how strange it is to play and have fun. When talking, Yanyou took Jinmi and went out together to experience it.

The two of them came to a small cloth shop and entered a basement, only to realize that there was something special. This is actually an underground gambling shop. Jin Mi watched from six directions, listened to all directions, and listened to what cards and what cards, only a few hours before he was driven out by the boss. Jin Mi realized that this mahjong was not interesting, so he decided to let Yanyou take himself to experience the last “good thing”.

Yanyou led Jinmi into a theater, and two fancy white men snuggled up just after sitting down. Jin Mi turned his head and looked at the actions of the man next door, and wanted to learn how to pose. Xu Feng found Jin Mi who was drinking in the theater for fun, and angrily gave a palm to the wine companion, scaring these people and fleeing in a hurry. Xu Feng blamed Yanyou and warned him that if he dared to reach Qiwu Palace, he would not be merciful. Runyu also appeared in the theater, blaming Yanyou for being Liangshang villain and Dao Jinmi for being his guest of honor.

Xufeng took Jin Mi to leave the theater, and Runyu and Yanyou also caught up. Xu Feng couldn’t find Jin Mi everywhere, but he didn’t expect that it was because of Runyu’s tricks. He was accustomed to seeing Runyu not listening to things outside the window, and suddenly being so enthusiastic about Jin Mi made Xu Feng a little jealous. Jin Mi saw that the atmosphere was embarrassing, and for fear that Xu Feng would escort himself back to the flower world, he suggested that the two palaces go to taste the sweet-scented osmanthus wine he brewed.

After the two Highnesses hung Yanyou upside down in the mansion, they sat down and had a drink. In order to save Yanyou, Jin Mi decided to use sweet-scented osmanthus to make them drunk. She took advantage of the opportunity to replenish the wine and exchanged the sweet-scented osmanthus brew. After a few bottles, the two highness finally passed out. Jin Mi carried Xu Feng into the house, and wanted to take advantage of Xu Feng’s drunkenness to ask for that thousand-year spiritual power.

Xu Feng did what she said. After crossing the water spirit pearl with Jin Mi to carry the thousand-year spiritual power, she fainted in Jin Mi’s arms. in. Jin Mi thought he was going to practice spiritually with himself, so he grinned at the unconscious Xu Feng, just like a man molested in the theater. The drunk Xu Feng took off Jin Mi’s lock Lingpin, hugged it in his arms, and slowly took off her clothes. When he wanted to kiss him, he suddenly came to his senses and stepped out of the room. .

Yanyou sighed when he saw Xufeng coming out of the room, and wanted to let him let him down in exchange for Jin Mi’s persistence in spiritual power. Yanyou tells Xufeng that Rourou was badly injured by Qiongqi in order to protect Jin Mi. Fortunately, Yanyou appeared to beat Qiongqi away. But Flesh was wounded by the plague needle and shattered his heart, and Yanyou was unable to return to heaven. Jin Mi saw that his friend Yuan Ling was devoured before vowing to accumulate spiritual power to resurrect the flesh.

After Yanyou left, Runyu appeared from the side. He listened to what Yanyou said and lamented that Jin Mi was a woman who values ​​love and righteousness, but he also saw that Yanyou was not a simple person. Xufeng once tried Yanyou’s skill, his spiritual power is pure and profound, far above the other eleven zodiac immortals. Although they practice water spells on weekdays, they are not afraid of their own fire attacks. These doubts reminded the two of them of the man in black who destroyed Xufeng’s Nirvana. Xu Feng decided to watch the changes first to see who was behind him.

After Jin Mi woke up, he saw Xu Feng left a phoenix feather hairpin for him, so he freshened up and put it on his head. Seeing this hairpin, Runyu asked where it came from, and frankly said that the previous lock Lingpin was more chic and elegant. Seeing that Runyu liked it so much, Jin Mi gave him the lock spirit hairpin as a gift.

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