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Be spoiled! Mysterious Wife

Be spoiled! Mysterious Wife (Novel)
Other Name: 受宠吧!神秘娇妻

Genre: novel, romance
Author: long street away
Year: 201X
Chapter: 40+
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She is the eldest lady of the Shen family from a military and political family. She has a peerless appearance and a cold temperament. She is the treasure in the hands of the family, but she is not seen by her biological mother. He is the only heir to the top wealthy Fu family. The captain of the army is also the youngest marshal.

Because of her grandmother’s last wish, she married him at lightning speed. She originally thought it was a marriage that everyone needed, but she didn’t expect to usher in his extreme love. (This article is a one-on-one pet article, the main body and soul are clean, welcome to jump into the pit) Small theater [Master Fu without family status] After Ms. Shen became a mother, she lost the coldness of the past, in Fu Meng In front of Bao is a gentle mother. For this reason, Master Fu did not take away his son’s vinegar.

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