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Flesh And Spirit (2018) 灵与肉

Flesh And Spirit (2018)
Other Title: 灵与肉, Ling Yu Rou , 镇北堡 , Zhen Bei Bao

Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama
Lou Jian
Yang Zhenjian
Release Date: 
June 17, 2018 – Jun 30, 2018
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  • Calvin Yu as Xu Ling Jun
  • Sun Qian as Li Xiu Zhi
  • Shang Tie Long as Guo Pian Zi
  • Zhao Yi as Sun Jian Li
  • Wang Quan You as Cao Shou Yi
  • Chin Han as Xu Jing You

In the cusp of a new era in China, Xu Ling Jun was abandoned by his father who left for the United States when he was just eleven years old. Due to his father’s stance as a capitalist, Xu Ling Jun is accused of being a rightist and sent to Helan Mountain to undergo reform. He marries Li Xiu Zhi and strives to make a living despite the injustices. In the span of 20 years, Xu Ling Jun never forgets his dream to help transform the village kids into men of talent.

This play is adapted from the novel “Spirit and Flesh” of the same name by Mr. Zhang Xianliang. On the eve of the birth of New China, his father, a capitalist, abandoned the 11-year-old Xu Lingjun to the United States. In the early 1960s, Xu Lingjun, who was mistakenly classified as a rightist because his father was a capitalist, was sent to the 7th team of Helan Mountain Farm for labor reform and married the beautiful and kind Li Xiuzhi. Faced with various injustices for 20 years, Xu Ling did not give up his dream, and cultivated a group of rural children into artistic talents, and affected the honest and kind-hearted staff of the seven teams.

After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, Xu Lingjun was transferred back to Yinchuan to engage in cultural research. In order to prove the value of culture, Xu Lingjun established a film and television company, developed Zhenbeibao, and built it into a well-known film location in the country, and led the farm workers with the power of culture. Get rich together. He used culture to turn ruins into spectacles, and used art to elevate the realm of the people. He wrote the legend of the new Chinese generation of intellectuals who adhere to their beliefs and realize their dreams.

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