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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 21 End Recap

Luo Feifei’s vitality was also exhausted, and she was about to leave. Beitangyi had already regained consciousness, and the two stood facing each other. Luo Feifei was still self-imposed and smiled. She said that she had told Bei Tang Yi a long time ago that he must be a good emperor. She was going to sing him another song, still singing the “difficult” “Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle”, Luo Feifei cried and sang, and asked Dragon Egg, would he think she was right?

Beitangyi approached Luo Feifei and kissed Luo Feifei, who was shrouded in fluorescence. This kiss seems to be as long as a century. Everything around became a foil. The moon was high, and Luo Feifei dissipated into smoke after all. And everyone else in the Zodiac is alive! They all knelt to Luo Feifei and watched her turn into countless spots of light and become the star in the sky.

In the 21st century, at the construction site, Luo Feifei fell to the ground, surrounded by people, about to fight 120. Everything went back to the beginning, this is the day before she crossed. She didn’t know if she had a dream. However, she remembered each of them, and all this was so real. Luo Feifei was still that intern, and still had that horrible temperament. Colleagues teased that she had read more horoscope books than professional books recently. Only she knew that all she was thinking of was the Zodiac.

In the evening, my friend took Luo Feifei to the bar to relax. Luo Feifei had a monopoly on the microphone, holding a bottle of wine, and sang “Twinkle and Sparkle” while drinking, singing and singing, crying, crying and laughing, she was big Roar, dragon egg, I miss you! This crazy state made the owner of the bar evasive, and strongly recommended that she go to the opposite bar to scream at others. At this time, a piece of news on the screen caught Lofifi’s attention.

News reports said that tonight will be the closest time the Ophiuchus Galaxy has been to the earth in decades. The reason why the Ophiuchus Galaxy is so obvious this time is because it is away from the earth. The orbit is very close. Tonight, I will meet you in Longshan, Ophiuchus Galaxy!

Luo Feifei suddenly put down the wine bottle, got out of the bar, and got in the car that drove to Longshan. When the car passed by the bus station, she seemed to see a good-sound man in a suit and short hair standing on the side of the road? Or Beitangyi? When she urged the master to stop and rushed over, no one was seen. At this moment, she suddenly remembered the scene before the car accident.

It was a man with the same face as Wang Chen who knocked her down in the hospital. The female driver who drove the taxi was a man with the same face as Chu Shengnan. She was riding a bicycle on the side of the road. It was a person with a face like Tang Wang who knocked down.

Luo Feifei finally rushed to Longshan. At this time, many people stood on the empty grass with cameras in their hands. She looked up at the galaxy, a piece of paper flew to Luo Feifei’s face, and her name was written on that piece of paper with a brush, and then she saw Bei Tang Yi! Feeling inexplicable, Luo Feifei yelled that the dragon egg was a bad person. Finally she knew that she had come to her, and hugged him aggrievedly. Who knows that this person is not the dragon egg, but Jiacheng!

Luo Feifei suddenly fell into the valley, sad and aggrieved, and accused Jiacheng of posing as someone else’s boyfriend. After Jiacheng reluctantly signed her, he walked towards the crowd. At this time, the real Beitangyi stood behind her, as before, warning her that if she calls another man’s name, she will be punished! Luo Feifei turned around and looked at Bei Tang Yi with tears in her smile.

The past scenes flashed in her mind. Finally, she rushed towards Bei Tang Yi and the two hugged tightly. The night breeze was cool, and the two sat on the grass watching the sky full of stars. Bei Tangyi handed Xiao Fu to her, saying that she was still so small, and the two leaned on each other. The galaxy behind them formed a “heart”.

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