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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 12 Recap

The reason for the reduction of the poison in the emperor’s body was the blood in Luo Feifei’s body. Human blood could resist the virus. But before everyone was happy, Beitangyi’s toxicity suddenly broke out. The insect explained that this is because the blood volume is too small, and it is not a cure for the symptoms. Unless Luo Feifei’s blood is exchanged with Beitangyi’s blood, Beitangyi can be saved.

But this ancient recipe has long been lost. Wang Chen looked at the injured Luo Feifei worriedly, caring, and kindly suggested that she treat the wound, but Luo Feifei was impatient because of caring about Beitang Yi. Wang Chen didn’t know his tone was hurt. And that Xiang Xie Yanran looked at Wang Chen sadly.

Luo Feifei decided to swap her own blood with Bei Tangyi’s blood, because Bai Wuchen’s ability was transfer, she found Bai Wuchen, and she wanted Bai Wuchen to use this ability. Everyone raised objections, and Wang Chen categorically said no, and offered to exchange blood with Bei Tang Yi, and Wang Wang also came out of justice. Luo Feifei’s attitude was firm, and the blood of other people was useless. She let Bai Wuchen stay and everyone else went out.

Everyone can only get out. After Wang Chen went out, he also got news that the antidote had been sent to the maddening area, and Master Fang also led the soldiers and horses in the city to the maddening area to maintain order. Wang Chen also left to go to the maddening area to have a look.

Luo Feifei lay on the bed, clasping Bei Tangyi’s hands tightly, Bai Luochen began to perform abilities, and the two successfully exchanged blood. The emperor’s poison was successfully relieved, and Luo Feifei was fortunate to be fine. Xie Yanran, who had been waiting outside for a day, was relieved, and almost fainted when her heart was relieved. He was helped by the servant. Before going back, she didn’t forget to ask King Tang to tell King Chen about Luo Feifei’s innocence, because she knew that he didn’t care when he looked at him, but he was really worried.

When Wang Chen arrived, he was relieved to hear that the two had no serious problems. The king of Tang advised Chen Wang to care about Xie Yanran. Xie Yanran was not healed from a serious illness and stayed there all day, but Chen Wang was speechless. The Ophiuchus people finally arrived and treated Luo Feifei.

Early in the morning, when the bird whispered and the flowers were scented, the emperor saw Feifei in a coma on his side. At this time, the star masters were all begging to see outside the hall. Bei Tangyi went out to meet the star master, and got good news: the epidemics in the several major areas in the city have been controlled, and the madness outside the city has also been controlled. But the problem is that although the people are not life-threatening, they still have nowhere to stay. The emperor summoned the star masters for an emergency memory, and Xie Yanran stayed to take care of Feifei.

When Xie Yanran looked after Luo Feifei, she found that she was pretending to be asleep and dismissed her. Luo Feifei’s purpose in doing this is to ask Yan Ran to do her a favor, find an opportunity to attract Bei Tang Yi to him, let him speak more love words, and speak a little straightforward way of confession. Xie Yanran agreed to help. And Xie Yanran herself was going to leave. She had already thought very clearly. She planned to go far away in two days and get to know more about the outside world so that she could find her true self by then. Luo Feifei moistened her eyes. Very reluctant to her.

The severe madness of the Zodiac was finally quelled. The case was thanks to Luo Feifei who found a solution, but Luo Feifei was still ill. Beitangyi asked Mei Daren for ginseng Ganoderma lucidum, but Mei Daren felt very distressed but had to pay. And the sequelae of Westerly Wind are healed.

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