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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 4 Recap

King Tang was tied to the pillar. At this time, Xia Bing ordered Bei Tangtang to pour medicine. Before the medicine was poured into his mouth, King Tang and Shang Yu broke free from the chains at the same time. Thunder attacked. Not to be outdone, Xia Bing blew the Xun and called the madman to attack Monk Wang and Shang Yu. attack. Tang Wang turned into several clones to deal with the madman. He knocked out Xia Bing’s xun, chained Xia Bing, and took him away.

Several people were chased by the madman, and King Tang asked Xia Bing for an antidote, only to learn that the black pearl’s poison had no cure, and the Xun had been beaten, and there was no way to control them. King Tang picked up Xia Bing, and let Shang Yu flee with Xi Fenglie, and he and Xia Bing went to deceive the madman. During the escape, Xia Bing’s feet were sinking deep into the sand nest, staggered, and the two rolled down from the sand slope, hugged each other, and almost kissed. Both of them stayed. At this moment the madman came to the hill not far from them, Xia Bing lowered Wang Wang’s body and avoided the madman.

Bi Lian passed on the imperial decree of the Queen Mother and declared that the prince and concubine entered the palace to discuss marriage. The Empress Dowager changed her attitude and not only prepared gifts for Luo Feifei, but when Luo Feifei asked not to present gifts and wanted to prove her innocence for Ophiuchus, the Queen Mother also agreed.

As long as Luo Feifei is married to the Chen Palace, the case will be investigated by her. Wang Wang and Xia Bing finally found a room in the desert and picked chicken legs out of the room. The two lighted a bonfire, cooked and ate, and fell asleep after a fight. But what they didn’t expect was that they lived in a bandit den. When the two bandits came back, they decided to be two. Putting smoke into the room, King Tang noticed that he defeated the two thieves and saved Xia Bing. Without the den of thieves, the two had to rest in the desert.

King Tang seemed to have a fever, and Xia Bing felt compassion, covering the same cloak with him, and fell asleep next to him. Early the next morning, when he opened his eyes, Wang Wang said to Xia Bing: I will be yours from now on, you have to be responsible to me. Xia Bing also simply agreed, holding an iron chain and dragging him forward.

The empress dowager proposed that the king of Chen wanted the emperor to witness the marriage in person. Beitangyi’s face was ugly after hearing this. The Royal Palace of Chen was happily decorating the wedding room. Luo Feifei stood bored on the bridge. Xie Yanran came to her. Luo Feifei was very happy and told Lord Xie Yanran that he did not choose her.

This was just a small trick of them. Xie Yanran liked Wang Chen. , After listening, he was relieved. The emperor was writing an edict, but the imperial edict was soaked with black ink. Dehaiqian advised. Xia Bing took King Tang to the market, asked for dry food and water, bought a camel, and when he walked in the desert, he became Xia Bing riding on the camel, and King Tang was followed behind with his arms tied. Camel walks.

Shang Yu met with the emperor as soon as he came back. He brought back Xifenglie and found out that the poison in Xifenglie was the poison of black pearls, a kind of extremely smelly bug. And all of this is the country of Orion behind the scenes, using Ophiuchus disputes to create civil unrest. Bei Tangyi remembered that the motherland of the Queen Mother was the Orion Country, and went to meet the Queen Mother, holding a witness and undocumented to prove that it was the Orion Country. But when Bei Tang Yi took out the black pearl, the child following the empress dowager suddenly hit the box and the bug escaped.

Xifenglie became ill, and everyone had to tie him to a wooden bench. Doctor Liu proved that the poison of Xifenglie was the black pearl, which was the same as the poison that Luo Feifei had.

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