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Oh! My Emperor S2 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 3 Recap

Bei Tangyi accompanied Luo Feifei to the Shefu Village to treat the mad patients. Ophiuchus people will consume their own lives while healing others. Xiang Wentian was using his powers to save people, and suddenly fell to the ground in a coma. After Xiang Wentian rescued so many people, he was at the end of his life, and his life was not long. Luo Feifei wanted to perform a superb diagnosis and treatment for him, but Xiang Wentian refused. Before he died, Xiang Wentian’s only pity was that he couldn’t see the grievances of Ophiuchus.

In the days when the Zodiac Kingdom and the Orion Kingdom fought, the former star lord of the Snake Husband realized that the emperor had been infected with the virus and went to discuss the matter with other star lord, but no one believed it. But later on the main hall, the Emperor Xian became mad. In desperation, the former star master killed the Emperor Xian at a critical juncture, but was regarded by everyone as a criminal.

Therefore, the former star owner died at the hands of other star owners. Since then, Ophiuchus has been abolished forever the inheritance of the Millennium Star Lord. They are regarded as alien by other peoples. Seeing that Xiang Wentian was about to die, Luo Feifei urged Bei Tang Yi to say that he could justify the name of the snake husband. Beitang Yi paused and pressed Luo Feifei’s words. If Beitangyi can justify the name of the Snake Husband, if so, he will die without regret. Xiang Wentian just stared at him. The vitality is gone. The worm was howling and crying.

The night was getting dark, Beitang Yi embraced Luo Feifei back to the palace and ran into Wang Chen. After Beitang Yicong went to the Snake Husband Village, he was convinced that the Ophiuchus was caused by the poisoning and was not a deliberate rebellion. Wang Chen reminded Beitang Yi that this was the concubine’s boudoir, and it was not convenient for him to step into it. Beitangyi refused to hand Luo Feifei to him, and walked into the princess’s boudoir.

Xia Bing took Tang Wang and Shang Yu to a flower field in the desert, asking Tang Wang to fill the basket with flowers within a quarter of an hour, otherwise there would be no water and dry food, and he warned Tang Wang not to do anything with her. Unexpectedly, King Tang gave a signal, Shang Yu used the “Sun and Moon Walk” ability, waiting for Xia Bing and the crowd to come back. What he saw was a basket full of flowers, Wang Wang still had a flower in his mouth, his arm was placed on Xia Bing’s shoulder, and he looked at her affectionately. Xia Bing shook his arm away.

Luo Feifei reminded his servants not to call him the princess, because the king Chen said the words of the matchmaker to save her, which was being heard by the king. Grand Siyao Bilian came to the palace and read the decree of the Empress Dowager. Wang Xuanchen, Xie Yanran, and Luo Feifei entered the palace to discuss matters. Luo Feifei stepped into the hall of the Empress Dowager and almost tripped over the threshold, Bei Tangyi embraced him. The two called each other their eldest nephew, the royal aunt.

The empress dowager summoned a few people for the emperor’s marriage and wanted to point Yanran to Beitangyi. Xie Yanran blatantly refused to marry. Was loudly reprimanded by the Empress Dowager for being damaged by Luo Feifei. When Luo Feifei was about to get up and say something, the Queen Mother pointed at her and told her not to be a hero.

When leaving the palace, Beitangyi assured Luo Feifei that he would find a way to prove that Ophiuchus was innocent, and the two embraced closely. Luo Feifei sadly asked what would happen if Beitang Yi’s grandma insisted on asking Chen Wang to marry her, Beitang Yijing said that the emperor would not do it.

The empress dowager was upset about the marriage of the emperor, and Bilian told the empress dowager that many things would be solved if Chen Wang succeeded. The Queen Mother thought this was a good idea and decided to give Chen Wang and Luo Feifei a beautiful wedding. Su Xunxian advised Luo Feifei to be nice to the prince. In the room where Xia Bing in the desert lived, a terrible number of black insects crawled towards Shang Yu. When Shang Yu followed the insect’s trail to check, he was hit with a violent head and fell down.

When he woke up, he had been handcuffed by chains, surrounded by many mad people who were handcuffed, Xi Fenglie was among them, and the one who was not handcuffed was Xia Bing. At this time, King Tang appeared on a high place holding a banner and shouted at him to rescue them. Before he finished playing, the banner dropped to the ground. He jumped, his face was shaved, and he went down the flagpole. climb.

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