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I heard that you love me

I heard that you love me (Novel)
Other Name: 听说你爱我

Genre: novel
Author: Yu Xuanji
Year: 201X
Chapter: 40+
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Lu Wanfeng and Jing Liangtian, the beloved Lu Wanfeng who was originally a darling of heaven, became disabled because of a car accident. His fiancee broke the contract and married someone else. Both were killed, and the desperate Lu Wanfeng chose to jump off the roof to end his life. After coming back to life, Lu Wanfeng did not expect that God would change his sexuality while giving him a one-time life…

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Another person also echoed: “Who said it is not? When the Lu Group’s success was in the past, there were countless industries, covering several industries. Among them, the subsidiary Jinnian Technology was ranked in the top three in the country, if it weren’t for Mr. Lu Suddenly a car accident caused the company to collapse. Where is Tiancheng Technology?”

“Oh, it can be seen that there is no one in this world who is really the darling of God! No matter how beautiful you are today, you can’t guarantee that tomorrow will be a catastrophe!”

The person who said this is obviously a bit innuendo.

Qian Yuxin was already a celebrity in City S as early as three years ago, because she used to be the fiancée of Mr. Lu, the young boss of the Lu Group. However, after Mr. Lu was involved in a car accident, she cancelled the engagement with Mr. Lu and turned Bring Yan Shao of Tiancheng Technology under the skirt!

Is Qian Yuxin really as kind-hearted as rumors outside? Many people do not believe it!

How does a kind-hearted woman catch the hearts of two elite men? Did the previous life save the galaxy?

“Qian Yuxin’s fate is really good! If Mr. Lu did not have a car accident and Mr. Qian Yuxin had not separated from Mr. Lu, then today’s wedding might be more luxurious!”

“Heh…what’s this? You know, it is said that Mr. Lu could have been fine in the original car accident, but he pushed Qian Yuxin away at the critical moment, which led to… alas…”

Jing Liangtian and the man in the wheelchair were not in the mood to pay attention to the gossip of others. They were originally people in S City, and these old stories are not secrets. They are already well known.

A huge X display stand was erected at the entrance of the banquet hall. On it were the wedding photos of Yan Qihui and Qian Yuxin. The two embraced each other with sweet smiles, and they looked really beautiful.

“Yeah! Isn’t this Lu Shao and Jing? It’s rare! I didn’t expect Shao Lu to come to my wedding in such a difficult situation! This really moved me!”

Yan Qihui, the protagonist of the wedding, immediately laughed and greeted him when he saw the visitor. He stretched out his hands towards the man in the wheelchair and was intercepted by Jing Liangtian’s big hand.

“Mr. Yan’s wedding is a major event in City S. Naturally, everyone wants to come and see the style! I also want to thank Mr. Yan for his face for setting the wedding in our Carl International Hotel. Please forgive me if you don’t take care of it well!”

Jing Liangtian said without a smile, and while secretly exerting force in his hand, he almost crushed Yan Qihui’s hand bones, but before Yan Qihui yelled, he let go of his hand, the threat on his face was not hidden.

Yan Qihui suffered a lot but couldn’t attack in public. He just gave Jing Liangtian and the man in the wheelchair a vicious look, then turned around angrily.

Qian Yuxin, who had been following Yan Qihui, nodded slightly at the man in the wheelchair, and then turned and left.

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