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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 21 End Recap

The arrow hurt Bei Tangyi’s heart, even if the treatment might be short-lived, Bei Tangyi stepped back to treat his Bilian and Tang Wang, he wanted to save this period of time to himself and Luo Feifei. Unexpectedly, Luo Feifei successfully healed Beitangyi’s injury by using his own powers. Beitangyi felt strange, until he lifted Luo Feifei’s collar and saw the strange mark belonging to the Ophiuchus star lord, he didn’t understand. come.

Beitangyi felt that he was deceived by Luo Feifei, and regardless of the relationship between the two, he yelled at Luo Feifei and let him go. Luo Feifei only recently learned of her identity. After being treated like this by Bei Tang Yi, she also felt wronged, so she left in anger.

Bei Tangyi couldn’t accept the fact that Luo Feifei was the lord of the snake husband. After learning the truth, Bei Tangtang felt that he had done too much. Bei Tangyi had to tell him that if Luo Feifei was not allowed to leave at this time, he would return to the palace later, even if their emperor grandmother would not let Luo Feifei off, Bei Tangtang understood.

When Luo Feifei left alone, she complained loudly in the woods about Beitangyi’s coldness, and accidentally revealed her identity as the Ophiuchus star master. Unfortunately, what she said was heard by the leader in black who followed her all the way. The leader knocked Luo Feifei unconscious and fed her the poison. When Luo Feifei woke up, the poison broke out. She provided other Ophiuchus mad people with a steady stream of energy for them to fight against the soldiers.

Shang Yu finally rushed back. He told everyone the truth that the Ophiuchus madman was controlled by medicine, and Bei Tang Yi immediately notified everyone to retreat.

Bei Tangyi and the others found Luo Feifei who was controlled by a powerful ability, but at this time Luo Feifei had been controlled by poison and lost his mind. Luo Feifei seemed to have hatred, she went straight to Beitangyi, and just as she was about to use a trick, Beitangyi pierced her with a sword into Luo Feifei’s chest.

Luo Feifei fell to the ground immediately after hitting the sword, Bei Tang Yi finally reacted, and he nervously hugged Luo Feifei who was injured by him. Luo Feifei still emphasized to Bei Tang Yi that she really didn’t lie to him, and then she lost consciousness. Bei Tang Yi, whose resentment flooded her heart, only yelled to the sky to vent the pain in her heart.

In the 33rd year of Xing Yao, Ophiuchus star Lord Luo Feifei and his tribe’s maddening poison caused riots. Emperor Bei Tang Yi led the major stars to calm the chaos. Since then, King Chen returned the military power to Beitangyi, and Beitangyi achieved military and political unification, and the whole family of Ophiuchus was imprisoned, which is known as the “rule of the snake.” After Beitangyi took the military power, he put ” Luo Feifei, the head of the madman, went to prison.

(The end)

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