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Oh! My Emperor S1 哦!我的皇帝陛下 Episode 20 Recap

The confrontation between the two armies was extremely fierce, but Luo Feifei, who was in the camp, waited very impatiently. She couldn’t wait to watch the group battle, but Beitang Yi did not give her a chance.

Su Xunxian confronted Fang Jian and the soldiers he brought with one person on the next road. Although there was only one person, Su Xunxian was not afraid at all, because he knew that by staying here alone, he would surely make the suspicious room chaotic. ; Chu Shengnan, the atmosphere between Bai Wuchen and Tang Wang is tense.

Although they often play together, they are now playing for different monarchs; while the atmosphere between Lord Mei and Zhang Tianzheng seems to be It was much easier, and the two even made gambling guesses about the confrontation between the emperor and the king.

Chu Shengnan’s soldiers and Tang Wang’s soldiers seemed to have rehearsed together beforehand, and they all fell down halfway through and pretended to be injured and fainted, which made Chu Shengnan very helpless.

Taking advantage of the start of the star master test, the people in black who tried the poison with the Ophiuchus finally began their long-planned action. They secretly sneaked into King Chen’s army to assassinate the soldiers of Bei Tang Yi.

The rule of the star master contest is not to use real knives and guns. Therefore, the behavior of the man in black pretending to be soldiers of the king of Chen assassinating the soldiers of the emperor angered Bei Tangyi. Obviously, they were successfully provoked and separated.

At the same time, the man in black blew the flute. As soon as the flute sounded, the madman of Ophiuchus became unconscious. They rushed into the barracks to hurt people. Su Xunxian, Fang Jian and others also led their troops to retreat after learning the news.

After Beitangyi and Beitang Moran competed halfway through, Su Xunxianlai reported that the madman had attacked on a large scale. Bei Tangyi immediately conceded, and he was willing to fend off the enemy with Beitang Mo Ran. Bei Tang Yi’s behavior touched Bei Tang Mo Ran. He felt that Bei Tang Yi had successfully passed the test, so he decisively handed over the right to send troops to Bei Tang Yi.

Bei Tang Yi and Bei Tang Mo Ran let out their suspicions in the current situation of the enemy, which greatly encouraged the soldiers. Just when Bei Tangyi stood in front of the three armies and ordered an attack on the enemy, he was hit by the arrow of the man in black. Luo Feifei hurriedly came to the stage for treatment, Beitang Moran picked up the token that Beitangyi had dropped, and continued to direct the soldiers to set off.

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