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The Perfect Wedding (2018) 风光大嫁

The Perfect Wedding (2018)
Other Title: feng guang da jia / 风光大嫁 / 風光大嫁

Genres: Romance, Family
Anhui TV
Release Date:
Feb 28, 2018 – Mar 16, 2018
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  • Dennis Oh as Zhao Dan Qiao
  • Jiang Meng Jie as Ning Xia
  • Kelsey Lu as Ning Xin
  • Lu Yong as Zhao Zhi Wei
  • Yang Xue Er as Xiao De
  • Kelly Gu as [Xiao De’s mom]

Scenery Introduction: Ningxia (Jiang Mengjie) associates with Zhao Danqiao (| Dennis Wu) under the name “Red Bean”. The two of them have many common topics. At this time, Ningxia’s cousin Ning Xin (Lv Jiarong) began to intervene because of her failed marriage. After Ning Xin and Dick Si Sui Ran (Zhang Li) married, Ning Xin felt that she had not married well and vowed to marry the scenery. After learning that Zhao Danqiao was the president of My way, Ningxia began to use Ning Xin’s identity to communicate with Zhao Danqiao. In the course of communication, Zhao Danqiao found that Ning Xin had changed, and was no longer the red bean. Finally, Zhao Danqiao discovered this ..

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