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Oh! My Emperor Season 1 (2018) 哦!我的皇帝陛下

Oh! My Emperor
Also known as:  哦!我的皇帝陛下 / 这个皇上我要了 / I Want You, Emperor / ฝ่าบาทของข้า / Ôi Hoàng Đế Bệ Hạ Của Ta / 哦!我的皇帝陛下 / O! Wo De Huang Di Bi Xia / Oh! My Emperor / Oh! My Emperor / โอ้ว!ฝ่าบาทที่รัก

Genres: Chinese Drama, Historical, Fantasy, Horoscope
Episodes: 42 (Season 1: 21; Season 2: 21)
Country: China Mainland
Director: Gao Bo (高博)
Writer: Yu Hai Xia (于海霞), Yin Hang (尹航)
Network: Tencent
Release Date: Apr 25, 2018 (Season 1) – May 23, 2018 (Season 2)
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  • Zhao Lu Si as Lu Feifei – Lord of Ophiuchus constellation (13th constellation)
  • Gu Jia Cheng as Beitang Yi – Lord of Capricorn constellation (Emperor)
  • Xiao Zhan as Beitang Moran – Lord of Aquarius constellation (Prince Chen)
  • Wu Jia Cheng as Beitang Tang – Lord of Pisces constellation (Prince Tang)
  • Peng Chu Yue as Bai Wuchen – Lord of Virgo constellation
  • Chen Ze Xi as Su Xunshan – Lord of Gemini constellation
  • Yan Xu Jia as Shang Yu – Lord of Taurus constellation
  • Xie Lin Tong as Xie Chunan – Lord of Leo constellation
  • Song Nan Xi as Xie Yanran – Lord of Cancer constellation
  • Liu Lang as Zhang Tianzheng – Lord of Libra constellation
  • Li Pei Xi as Mei Daren – Lord of Taurus constellation
  • Zhou Zhuo as Fang Jian – Lord of Scorpio constellation
  • Huang Tian Yu as Xifeng Lie – Lord of Sagittarius constellation
  • Wang Yu as Xia Bing – Princess of Lie Hu Kingdom
  • Guo Zi Fan as Beitang Jing
  • Xia Zhi Guang as Yao Guang

Luo Fei Fei, a girl from the 21st century, was transported to a mysterious world of the past -Huang Dao Guo. In the nation of Huang Dao, its leadership is rotated among the 12 constellation owners every thousand years. There, Fei Fei meets the current emperor of the nation, Bei Tang Yi, who is also the owner of the Capricorn constellation.

Season 1
Because of a mysterious incident, surgery resident intern Luo Feifei was transported back to the Nation of Huang Dao where the country’s leadership is rotated among the 12 constellation lords every thousand years. There, Feifei meets the current emperor of the nation Beitang Yi; and Beitang Moran, a powerful monarch who always protects her silently.

Season 2
The Huang Dao Kingdom and Ophiuchus constellation have always been at odds due to a rebellion incident thousand years ago. When Lu Feifei’s real identity as the Lord of Ophiuchus constellation was revealed, her life was put in danger as numerous forces tried to take her life. To protect her, the Beitang Family started to investigate the incident which led to an unravel of a big conspiracy.

Episode Lists:

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