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Jin Yi Chun Qiu

Jinyi Spring and Autumn (Novel)
Other Name: 锦衣春秋

Genre: novel, historical
Author: the desert
Year: 2018
Chapter: 40+
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Yang Ning is as unmoving as the earth, and calm as a secret! The Jizo scroll suddenly appeared in the world, and the golden phoenix came back to the world, the north and the south contended for supremacy, and the clouds were full of clouds. The deep palace is sly and bloody. With the world as the chessboard, all living beings as Yizi, heroes and heroes, and Fengyue beauties, play an outstanding chess game!

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Xian’er is not only beautiful, but also has a sweet voice. She already had an invitation in her words, but Yang Ning just smiled faintly: “It’s still early!”

Xian’er walked to the window, opened a gap and looked out, then closed the window, and smiled back and said, “Then Xian’er will shower and change clothes for Lord Hou!”

Zhuo Xian’er’s words and deeds were not artificial, but more sultry.

Her appearance and demeanor were obviously cultivated for many years, and she couldn’t get rid of her brand.

At this moment, they heard a sound, and a small door opened on the side. The two maids had already held a large wooden barrel, half a person tall, and placed them in the house. The two looked at Yang Ning and chuckled. Backed out.

“What is this?” Yang Ning was taken aback, and then he understood what.

Soon, the two maids came in again, both carrying water bottles and buckets and filling the buckets with water. They seemed to want to see exactly what kind of man their girl’s first benefactor was. Looking closely, Yang Ning was a bit embarrassed even though she was not thin-skinned, touched her chin, and muttered, “I don’t want to take a bath yet.”

The two maids poured most of hot water into the barrel, tested the temperature of the water, put down the washing supplies, and turned around.

“Miss Zhuo, this…!”

Yang Ning hadn’t finished speaking, but saw a girl who had come in with a flower basket. The flower basket was full of petals of various colors. It was already winter. Yang Ning was very surprised where these petals came from.

The girl stretched out her hand and threw it into the air. The petals were scattered all over the sky, most of them fell into the bucket, and a few floated around the wooden bucket. The colorful colors, the secret fragrance flowing, and the falling colors made people feel relaxed.

The hot water vapor in the wooden barrel smoked, and the air was filled with the fragrance of virgins and petals, which made people feel in a dream for a while.

When the girl finished spreading flowers, she bowed her body and withdrew, gently closing the door of the room. Yang Ning looked in her eyes, thinking that you get what you pay for. Jiang Cheng spent 300 gold to win Zhuo Xian’er, but now she It’s not too wrong to come, because a beauty like Zhuo Xian’er doesn’t need to be measured by money, and the service and pomp here are indeed rare.

He watched the girl leave, and when he looked back, his face suddenly changed and he almost jumped up.

I only saw Zhuo Xian’er who had undressed and undressed at some point, dressed in nasty clothes, and the white and rosy ice muscle and jade skin under the candlelight, especially dazzling eyes.

“Girl Xian’er, you…!” Yang Ning felt a bit dry in his throat.

He is not a disciple, but he can also use his personality to ensure that he is definitely not Liu Xiahui. The obscure things are the most touching, love is so, and women are even more so.

Standing there, Zhuo Xian’er, who only wore blasphemy clothes, made any man more impulsive, and Yang Ning felt that his gaze was a little unmovable.

Only then did he discover that this woman was indeed shockingly beautiful.

I just saw Zhuo Xian’er for the first time. Although I think Zhuo Xian’er is indeed very beautiful, she doesn’t have a deep impulse, but for some reason, this woman is like a wine that has been treasured for many years. The longer she spends time with her, It feels that she is becoming more human, and her charm will increase rapidly without a second glance.

Yang Ning did not see Shen Jiaonu, but at this moment, he felt that after Zhuo Xian’er failed to become a flower, perhaps no one could appreciate Zhuo Xian’er’s charm at close range.

She doesn’t need to speak, but every inch of her skin seems to be telling a man the most touching love story.

Zhuo Xian’er’s expression was not vivid, and even a little vague, but she stood there, no man would not have a heart to conquer, Yang Ning even.

“Master Hou doesn’t want to listen to Xian’er playing the piano or taking a bath. Obviously he thinks that the spring night is worth a lot of money.” Xian’er walked to the side of the barrel lightly like a cloud, with a dreamlike voice: “But Xian’er wants to wait. Master Hou, always be clean and spotless. Will Master Hou wait a moment?”

Her skin was lustrous and fair, her body as smooth as suet jade was looming, and her chest was plump and trembling. Although she was covered by obscene clothes, it was difficult to conceal the two cherry bulges.

She took the concubine Hua, but from this moment on, all of her was bought by others, and it no longer belonged to her.

Although she is beautiful and graceful, she is now only a Kabuki on the Qinhuai River. Years of training let her know that even if she wins the Huafei, she is infinitely beautiful in the eyes of many ordinary people, but after all, she is only some people. The cash cow is just a man’s doll.

There was a soft sound of water, and Zhuo Xian’er had already entered the wooden bucket with his clothes, holding up the clear water with petals, pouring it down, and closing his eyes slightly.

Moisture filled the room, lingering and hazy.

Yang Ning’s throat moved and he sighed. Zhuo Xian’er looked over and asked, “Why is Lord Hou sighing? What is wrong with Xian’er?”

“No.” Yang Ning sat down in the chair, staring at Zhuo Xian’er who was like a water lotus, and asked: “Girl Xian’er, can I know, where are you from?”

Zhuo Xian’er licked the spray inadvertently, a slight smile appeared on her lips, “Master Hou looks like…!” She smiled and didn’t go on.

“Like what?” Yang Ning asked curiously.

Zhuo Xian’er smiled and said: “Like a gentleman, gentle and gentle. They said that it is the first time I receive guests. At this time, ordinary men will rush forward impatiently, but Lord Hou has not moved.”

Yang Ning asked with a smile, “Do you want me to jump on it?”

Zhuo Xianer’s cheeks were red, lowered her head, and whispered, “Xian’er will enter this business and make a living from today. Xian’er had been thinking about it for the first time… the first time. Who will give it to? Before seeing Lord Hou, Xian’er was always scared, but seeing Lord Hou come in, Xian’er…Xian’er was not afraid anymore.”

Yang Ning was startled and sighed.

“Master Hou, do you know that this wooden barrel is designed for two people. Doesn’t Master Hou like to bathe with women?” Zhuo Xianer blinked, “If you like Master Hou… together.”

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