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Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰 Episode 21 Recap

After Chu Yu’s confession, Tuoba Hong revoked the deportation order, but tolerance showed that Tuoba Hong did not do this because he believed Chu Yu’s words. He Shan had no proof of death, and nothing could be checked. His Highness Young is definitely provoked by others. Although Tuobahong is emperor, he cannot correct the chaos in the harem, so he can only bear it out.

When Huo Xuan and Wang Ze searched for military battalions in Jingzhou City, they found that because Jingzhou was on the border, Pingcheng had nowhere to go. Liu Shishi was simply the emperor of Jingzhou. He raised taxes privately five years ago. The government was a slave, Jingzhou merchants, and the people were not talking about life. Huo Xuan lamented that the money they had saved them last time was too small, so that Wang Ze took the army into the city and ransacked the army, and all this was hidden in the secret hall of Heaven. The owner looked in his eyes.

The Zhongqing Temple in Jingzhou is an autographed title of the emperor, and it is dedicated to the Buddha’s relic. No one dares to pretend to be in the Zhongqing Temple. The owner of the Tianji Pavilion robbed the army soldiers not for money, but to provoke the Song-Wei war, and saw Huo Xuanzhang relentlessly tracked down the army soldiers, so the general soldiers donated to the Zhongqing Temple, and the host of the Zhongqing Temple often kept the homeless victims, and they would definitely send them Hide it.

Wang Ze searched the Jingzhou city, and never saw the shadow of the army soldiers. The only convenient place without a search was Zhongqing Temple. In order to find the army soldiers, Huo Xuan forcibly stormed into the Zhongqing Temple in spite of the prestige of the Zhongqing Temple and the host’s obstruction. Jun Xun, Huo Xuan arrested the monks in the whole temple and threatened to tell the whereabouts of Jun Xun. A young monk was terrified. He told the truth about Jun Xun hiding in Houshan Cave. Huo Xuan found the missing Jun Xun in the cave. There are also many victims in the cave who are almost starving to death. Huo Xuan looked at the people without pity and took all the soldiers directly away.

Huo Xuan claimed that it was not safe to transport the army puppets after it was getting late. The generals were placed on Liu Tishi’s Palace overnight, and they would be transported again tomorrow.

Last time Liu Xishi was blackmailed by Huo Xuan and donated a lot of money and food, so he wanted to get revenge on Huo Xuan. He cooperated with the owner of Tianjige Pavilion to rob the army. After a misstep, the owner of Tianjige asked Liu Assassin to arrange to kill Assassin Huo Xuan. This charge was detained on the Assassin of the Song Dynasty, and these soldiers could then be owned by Liu Shishi.

The assassin arranged by Liu Assassin sneaked into Huo Xuan’s room and hacked into the bed. Liu Shishi thought that Huo Xuan was dead. He opened the box of the military concubine proudly, but there was nothing in it. At this time, Huo Xuan appeared with the soldiers and asked to take away the military concubine, but Liu Qianshi could not deliver anything. Huo Xuan directly People were tied to Liu Jishi, saying that he was guarding the thief, stealing military concubines, and letting his men confiscate all the finances on Liu Jishi ’s house. Liu Qishi then realized that he had been played by Huo Xuan.

Before Huo Xuan took the army crickets from Zhongqing Temple, he saw the people hiding in the cave, so he decided to leave the generals to rescue the people, but the army crickets couldn’t ignore them, so Huo Xuan took the empty army cricket boxes out of Zhongqing Temple and put them in Liu temporarily At the Shishifu, another empty glove, the White Wolf, confiscated the finances of the Liushishifu to rush to the army. Xiu Huo Xuan sacked Liu Jianshi and took him to prison for stealing the army. People in Jingzhou applauded and praised Huo Xuan for finally removing a big scourge from Jingzhou. Ma Xueyun is pregnant, but her body has always been weak, and it is difficult to raise a fetus. In order to maintain her status as the regent’s palace, she asked the doctor to nurse her and give birth to the child anyway.

In the room, Chu Yu gave Qingyue a thrush to play with. She painted her eyebrows like a broomstick. Qingyue shouted that she wouldn’t let her paint. When it was hilarious, let alone say that she would stay at Chu Feng ’s Dan Fengxuan tonight. Chu Yu was surprised. She is Rong Zhi’s formal wife. It is fair to tolerate that she stayed in her room. Although Chu Yu was unwilling, she did not refuse. When she slept at night, Rong Zhi didn’t touch Chu Yu. She fell asleep very early. Chu Yu turned over and over again and couldn’t sleep. She painted a grimace on Rong Zhi’s face with a paintbrush. Tolerant woke up in the middle of the night to take a walk outside, seeing the mess on his face, and suddenly became furious.

After cleaning his face, Rong Zhi came to Ma Xueyun’s room. Ma Xueyun had been waiting for Rong to go to sleep. Rong Zhi explained to her that it was necessary to stay at Dan Fengxuan tonight, because Song Wei was in a tense situation, so he had to stay at Dan Fengxuan. Ma Xueyun snuggled pitifully in the arms of tolerance, indicating that he could understand. After tolerating Ma Xueyun’s room, Ma Xueyun slammed the table angrily. She was supposed to be the regent princess. Because a princess of the Song Dynasty appeared, she changed from the concubine to the side concubine, and she watched her loved ones share the room with others. , Ma Xueyun’s jealousy turned to hate.

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