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All Time Knows

All Time Knows (Novel)
Other Name: 

Genre: novel
with Hou beads
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The hidden love, time knows. At the age of 31, when Jane went to visit her husband Ye Jiacheng’s plane, he met Yi Peng, the boss of the Yimao Group. During the flight, the plane suddenly fell into violent bumps. When Jane fainted, he returned to the university era 10 years ago in his dream. After adapting to the change, Shi Jian began to treat her mother early, lead the way for her girlfriends, and was determined to fall in love with Ye Jiacheng in advance. In ten years, Shi Jian saw Ye Jiacheng’s life and story before she knew the future. At the same time, Yi Pei in this time and space fell in love with Shi Jian and became her strong backing. Shi Jian and Ye Jiacheng were blessed after experiencing many difficulties.

But the seemingly happy ending was broken by an accident. Ye Jia became a rescuer and died in a car accident. The frustrated time Jane failed to break the boundaries of time and space. She decided to take the same flight at the same time, and the disaster came as scheduled. Shi Jian was awakened in the ward for ten years in a dream, seeing Ye Jiacheng around him with emotions, all going back and returning was to reunite with love

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