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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 23 End Recap

On the small bed in Jiang Chen’s office in the hospital, Jiang Chen held Chen Xiaoxi tightly in his arms. At night, Chen Xiaoxi moved her body and thought of the toilet on the bed. Jiang Chen immediately woke up, put her arms around her waist and asked her childishly if she would come back like a child. Chen Xiaoxi had never seen Jiang Chen like this before, touched his head with her hand and said softly that she would come back. Jiang Chen then relieved his hand. Thank you so much, she can come back and they can go back. As time passed, Chen Xiaoxi began to devote herself to comic creation. And Wu Baisong also left Ganjiang because of the game.

On this day, Jiang Chen would take Chen Xiaoxi to eat hot pot again. Walking on the road, Chen Xiaoxi complained about why he always eats hot pot on such a hot day. However, Jiang Chen solemnly told her the couple pot in that store that he wanted to take her to eat for a long time, and he couldn’t wait for winter. Chen Xiaoxi’s nose was sour after hearing this. Chen Xiaoxi stopped and said hot, Jiang Chen changed her left hand to his right. Chen Xiaoxi thought Jiang Chen was so naive.

Chen Xiaoxi, Jiang Chen and Lu Yang and Lin Jingxiao gathered to celebrate the successful completion of Chen Xiaoxi’s first comic. Chen Xiaoxi drank a lot of alcohol. After the end, Jiang Chen said “Little drunkard, go home” in a soft tone that Chen Xiaoxi had never heard before. After speaking, Jiang Chen carried Chen Xiaoxi on his back, and the journey home was not long. Jiang Chen walked very slowly and smoothly. Chen Xiaoxi used his index finger to poke the dimples he laughed. He didn’t hide or dodge, just laughed deeper into the dimples. Then, afraid of her sliding down, she held her upside down.

The wind along the way blew away some of Chen Xiaoxi’s drunkenness, but the fact that she was drunk deeply pleased Jiang Chen. He was like a child who got a new toy, filled with excitement, and he took Chen Xiaoxi carefully. Sitting down on the sofa, and then holding her in her arms, Chen Xiaoxi, who was drunk, was very well-behaved and cooperated with Jiang Chen to say something that sounded silly. He said, “Chen Xiaoxi, if I propose to you while you are drunk, will it look despicable, and take advantage of others?”

At this time, Chen Xiaoxi was still vaguely sober, and even looked forward to Jiang Chen’s next proposal in her heart. But after Chen Xiaoxi said no, Jiang Chen stopped. After waiting for a while, Chen Xiaoxi suspected that Jiang Chen was asleep, and patted his face and said, “Propose.” Jiang Chen said, “Do you? I agree.” In this way, Chen Xiaoxi became a proposer.

The next morning, when Chen Xiaoxi returned after buying breakfast, she found Jiang Chen sitting on the sofa and casually told her that she had proposed to her last night. Chen Xiaoxi pretended not to understand and greeted him to eat breakfast. Jiang Chen refused to give up on the topic of marriage proposal, and Chen Xiaoxi burst into tears. Jiang Chen was also anxious and hugged her in his arms. Jiang Chen would not know how sacred and important the marriage proposal was in Chen Xiaoxi’s heart.

So Jiang Chen prepared a cautious marriage proposal for Chen Xiaoxi in a certain ward of the hospital. He hung the ring with rubber gloves charged with helium gas, and then lied to Chen Xiaoxi that he still had time not to give her consideration for the operation. In this way, Chen Xiaoxi was successfully proposed by Jiang Chen. On the way back, Chen Xiaoxi looked at the ring in her hand silly like a puppy.

Jiang Chen sent Chen Xiaoxi home, and Chen Xiaoxi felt ashamed to make Jiang Chen go home quickly, but Jiang Chen went directly into her home. Jiang Chen took her to sit on the sofa, leaned her head on Chen Xiaoxi’s lap and closed her eyes. At this time, Mother Chen called and said she was going to introduce Chen Xiaoxi to the blind date. As soon as Jiang Chen heard this, he opened his eyes and grabbed Chen Xiaoxi’s mobile phone, and said to Mother Chen that he was already with Chen Xiaoxi, and she hadn’t been there yet. Before he could yell, Chen Xiaoxi hung up the phone quickly.

This night, Jiang Chen stayed at Chen Xiaoxi’s house. Chen Xiaoxi came out from the shower and saw Jiang Chen sitting on the sofa in a daze. She ran over to wrap his shoulders and asked him what he was thinking. Jiang Chen said he was wondering if there was no her. Chen Xiaoxi deliberately said that Jiang Chen could find a better girl than her if she didn’t have her. I didn’t expect to say yes. Chen Xiaoxi burst into tears immediately, and she was crying and could not find other girls. Jiang Chen touched her head, wondering why she hadn’t found her crying so much before.

In the evening, Jiang Chen who was in the living room suddenly heard the sound and rushed to Chen Xiaoxi’s room nervously. Because of the noise in the house upstairs, Chen Xiaoxi couldn’t sleep, and worried that Jiang Chen could not sleep well, so she let him sleep on the bed together. Chen Xiaoxi hugged Jiang Chen on the bed and asked Jiang Chen to accompany her to brush her teeth.

Jiang Chen closed her eyes and said that it was definitely not the first time she had forgotten to brush her teeth. Chen Xiaoxi retorted that she remembered now. At this time, Jiang Chen’s deep voice came over, “Then why do you always forget that I love you so much”. Even if there are so many girls better than Chen Xiaoxi in this world, it doesn’t matter to him. There is only one Chen Xiaoxi in this world, his favorite Chen Xiaoxi.

After last night, Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi were officially together. In the morning, Chen Xiaoxi had been lying in bed because he was too tired, Jiang Chen became her hands and feet, holding her to eat and drink water. Chen Xiaoxi really wanted to collect the time that could make Jiang Chen arouse. Jiang Chen bought back the ingredients and planned to cook at home. Two people with no kitchen experience, relying on the simplest method, cut everything and cook to make a meal, it is conceivable that the taste is not so satisfactory.

Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen started a happy life without shame and shame that she had always dreamed of. That night, Chen’s father and Chen’s mother suddenly came to Chen Xiaoxi’s house, and they also met Jiang Chen who was out shopping. Father Chen didn’t know about Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi, so Mother Chen and Chen Xiaoxi played cover together.

Father Chen wanted to try his son-in-law with alcohol, but both men were drunk. Chen Xiaoxi saw Jiang Chen drunk for the first time. Without the hard and cold shell, Jiang Chen was childish like a child. He pulled Chen Xiaoxi and said to look for Chen Xiaoxi, he said “Chen Xiaoxi. I miss you so much.” Chen Xiaoxi’s nose is sour, and Jiang Chen’s love to her is no less than that of her to him.

Chen Xiaoxi finally realized her dream. Her new book “To Our Simple Little Beautiful” will be out at the signing party on the weekend. However, she searched Jiang Chen, Lin Jingxiao and Wu Baisong, and they all refused with various reasons. In Xueyou Bookstore, Chen Xiaoxi looked at a handful of fans, feeling very depressed. At this moment, Jiang Chen and Lin Jingxiao appeared, because they wanted to surprise Chen Xiaoxi.

From high school to university, until now, they have been with each other, fulfilling countless simple beautiful things in life!

The end

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