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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 22 Recap

Chen Xiaoxi’s work won the first prize. As the boss of the company, Fu Pei decided to take the other of the company’s only two employees, Situ Mo, who is his girlfriend, to go out to eat hot pot to celebrate Chen Xiaoxi. Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen waited at the door of the company when he got off work.

Since Jiang Chen met Chen Xiaoxi again, he has been restless, thinking about Chen Xiaoxi all the time, and finally he is ready to go back to Chen Xiaoxi. As a result, the hot pot feast for Chen Xiaoxi changed from three people to four people. Fu Pei had a good relationship with Chen Xiaoxi, and both of them had a carefree character, so Fu Pei called Chen Xiaoxi one by one. But Jiang Chen was not happy to hear it. Wu Baisong called Chen Xiaoxi and said that there was something very important for her. Chen Xiaoxi had to leave halfway, and Jiang Chen followed her away.

Because it was raining, Chen Xiaoxi had to wait at the door, and Jiang Chen stayed with her without speaking. Chen Xiaoxi asked him to go first when he saw this, but Jiang Chen said that he was willing to stay here. While talking, Wu Baisong came over and hugged Chen Xiaoxi and led her away, leaving Jiang Chen alone to watch them leave.

Since Jiang Chen learned from Fu Pei at the hot pot banquet that Chen Xiaoxi’s dream was to publish his own cartoons, he kept it in mind. It happened that one of Jiang Chen’s patients, Mr. Hu, belonged to a publishing house, so Jiang Chen asked him to help Chen Xiaoxi publish her cartoons.

However, publishing a pure newcomer’s work, considering various interests, the publisher is also very difficult. In the end, Jiang Chen decided to help Chen Xiaoxi publish at his own expense, and the need for 400,000 was not a small sum. Jiang Chen also planned to sell his car to collect the 400,000 yuan. Jiang Chen did all this silently, fearing that Chen Xiaoxi would not accept it, so he joined the publishing house and Lu Yang and Lin Jingxiao to make Chen Xiaoxi think that the publishing house had contacted her on the initiative.

Chen Xiaoxi wanted to publish a comic based on their high school life, so she called Lu Yang, Lin Jingxiao and Wu Baisong to take pictures at home to provide material. Unexpectedly, Lin Jingxiao called Jiang Chen over. Jiang Chen appeared in the costume of a high school school, and Chen Xiaoxi saw him as if he had passed away.

Chen Xiaoxi took pictures for everyone one by one, but when it was Jiang Chen’s turn, he was embarrassed because of his not cute posture. Under Lu Yang’s demonstration, Jiang Chen finally put on a cute pose awkwardly. Seeing that Jiang Chen, who has always been cold and cold, is actually more cute than scissors hands, Chen Xiaoxi’s hands holding the camera to take pictures are shaking because of laughter. Wu Baisong had never seen Chen Xiaoxi so happy in the past three years. He looked at Chen Xiaoxi blankly and realized that Jiang Chen still occupies an important position in her heart.

Because Wu Baisong wanted to publish a photo, he accidentally learned that Jiang Chen had helped Chen Xiaoxi publish a comic book at his own expense when communicating with the publisher. Wu Baisong knew that sometimes he had to do it quickly.

On this day, Chen Xiaoxi was hired as a substitute actor to act with Wu Baisong. Wu Baisong in a neat suit held a ring and asked Chen Xiaoxi if he would marry him. Chen Xiaoxi’s line was “I do.” At this time, the staff left quietly, and Wu Baisong asked again if she really wanted to. This is actually a marriage proposal planned by Wu Baisong for Chen Xiaoxi. Wu Baisong held the ring in front of Chen Xiaoxi, looking at her face with guilt, distress, and tangled expressions, except that he didn’t have the joy he wanted to see, he smiled helplessly.

Originally, Wu Baisong wanted to wait until Chen Xiaoxi really accepted him to propose again, but Jiang Chen appeared and he felt insecure. Wu Baisong knew what Chen Xiaoxi’s answer would be, but he still wanted to try it until he heard the “sorry” from her. After so many years, he still lost to Jiang Chen.

Wu Baisong asked Jiang Chen out, and the drunk Wu Baisong asked Jiang Chen to return Chen Xiaoxi to him, but Jiang Chen firmly said that Chen Xiaoxi had always been his. Jiang Chen confided his heart for the first time, and everyone felt it. Chen Xiaoxi has always loved Jiang Chen a little more, but he is the one who really cannot do without Chen Xiaoxi. Because of family reasons, Jiang Chen has been accustomed to one person since he was young, and everyone will leave, but Chen Xiaoxi will not, she has always been by his side.

Slowly Jiang Chen got used to Chen Xiaoxi’s existence, and even took the initiative to think about her unknowingly. Three years ago, when Jiang Chen left, he thought Chen Xiaoxi would look for him as before, but not that time. Jiang Chen suddenly didn’t know what to do. He was afraid that he was not the most suitable person for Chen Xiaoxi, but he could not persuade himself to forget Chen Xiaoxi, he could not live without her. Jiang Chen thought that he could change anything Chen Xiaoxi didn’t like, but he didn’t know what Chen Xiaoxi liked him.

This is the first time Wu Baisong has heard Jiang Chen say so much, although it is not what he likes to listen to. But this was also the last thing Wu Bosong did for Chen Xiaoxi. While they were talking, Chen Xiaoxi on the other end of the phone clearly knew what Jiang Chen really thought.

Lin Jingxiao picked up the drunk Lu Yang and Wu Baisong, leaving Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi alone. Jiang Chen still kept phone calls from the hospital. Chen Xiaoxi saw that he was really busy, so he let him go first and got up and left. Jiang Chen took Chen Xiaoxi’s hand and put his head on the hands of the two, telling Chen Xiaoxi that he really knew it was wrong, and asked Chen Xiaoxi to forgive her. Chen Xiaoxi didn’t answer immediately, turned and left.

Jiang Chen returned to the hospital and immediately went into the intense operation, ended the long operation, and returned to the office exhausted. Jiang Chen found Chen Xiaoxi lying quietly asleep in his little bed. The warm yellow light shone on Chen Xiaoxi’s body. Jiang Chen could no longer control the excitement in his heart. He could not let himself laugh. He knew that anyone would leave, but Chen Xiaoxi would not. She would always be by his side.

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