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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 21 Recap

Because of Jiang Chen’s affectionate and long kiss, Chen Xiaoxi couldn’t sleep all night. She was always worried that she had broken up with Jiang Chen long ago, and Jiang Chen had girlfriend Zhuang Dongna again, so what did Jiang Chen mean to kiss her? ? On the bus the next morning, Chen Xiaoxi finally plucked up the courage to make a call to Jiang Chen.

As soon as the call was connected, Chen Xiaoxi began to crackle and talk about whether Jiang Chen had a girlfriend or would kiss her. Moral and other things, she stopped in one breath, and Chen Xiaoxi realized that the person on the other side of the phone was not Jiang Chen but Dr. Su Mu, and she felt a thunderbolt. And at this time, everyone in the bus looked at her with a strange expression. Chen Xiaoxi felt that those gazes seemed to be a bad woman, and as soon as the bus stopped, he hurried to get out of the bus.

In the hospital, when Chen Xiaoxi went to see Dr. Su, she discovered that Zhuang Dongna was actually a patient of Dr. Su. It turned out that Zhuang Dongna was not Jiang Chen’s girlfriend at all, but he asked for an excuse to test whether Chen Xiaoxi still cares about him.

In the bridal shop, Chen Xiaoxi accompanied Lin Jingxiao to try her wedding dress. Chen Xiaoxi looked at her best friend Lin Jingxiao and Lu Yang, who had gone from school days to the present, and finally they were about to achieve a positive result. She was envious, wondering how her relationship with Jiang Chen would end. The current Chen Xiaoxi is no longer the 16-year-old Chen Xiaoxi. As she grows up, she has no enthusiasm anymore and clings to Jiang Chen unreservedly as before. She couldn’t determine Jiang Chen’s heart. Lin Jingxiao was also broken for Chen Xiaoxi’s feelings.

She asked Lu Yang to call Jiang Chen and Wu Baisong to stimulate them to recognize their feelings with Chen Xiaoxi earlier. But Jiang Chen arrived one step late. Outside the window, Jiang Chen saw Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong in wedding dresses laughing happily, and he left again alone. Wu Baisong drove Chen Xiaoxi to the hospital and showed her his new pet, a small lizard. Wu Baisong also named it “lizard”.

In the hospital, in order to match Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi, Chen’s mother asked Chen Xiaoxi to give Jiang Chen the extra meal. In Jiang Chen’s office, Chen Xiaoxi watched Jiang Chen remain the same or pick and choose from the dishes as before, but there was a real gap of three years between them. Jiang Chen didn’t say anything, and Chen Xiaoxi didn’t want to guess his thoughts as before. The two who were still in love were so awkward.

Jiang Chen suddenly received an emergency call and left. Chen Xiaoxi stayed alone in the office. She accidentally fell off the chair, bumped her head, and suddenly turned around. Chen Xiaoxi was terrified and fumbled out to find Jiang Chen in the emergency room. After finally moving to the door of the emergency room, Chen Xiaoxi called Jiang Chen crying, but the nurse said Jiang Chen was not there. Chen Xiaoxi slowly leaned on the door and sat on the ground in a daze.

Under the dazzling white lights of the hospital, Chen Xiaoxi vaguely saw Jiang Chen’s figure rushing from a distance. Chen Xiaoxi fell softly into Jiang Chen’s embrace. Jiang Chen kept yelling Chen Xiaoxi’s name, holding her head with one hand, and rolling her eyelids trembling with the other. The nurses saw for the first time that Doctor Jiang, who had always been calm and calm, became so helpless.

Jiang Chen took Chen Xiaoxi to the emergency room. She had only a slight concussion. The only injury was a quail egg bag on her head. Jiang Chen personally cleaned up the medicine for Chen Xiaoxi. After seeing Chen Xiaoxi receiving a call from Wu Baisong, he told Chen Xiaoxi that they were all right. Chen Xiaoxi looked surprised. In his eyes, their three years had been a long quarrel. But Jiang Chen said it again firmly, telling Chen Xiaoxi that they would definitely reconcile.

Jiang Chen asked Chen Xiaoxi to rest on the hospital bed. Seeing Chen Xiaoxi’s eyes closed, Jiang Chen bent down and kissed her lips. Before Chen Xiaoxi had time to push Jiang Chen away, he straightened up and smiled and told her not to get agitated. Chen Xiaoxi fell asleep because of the concussion and chaos.

Chen Xiaoxi was awakened by a cry of wailing. She got up from the hospital bed and followed the sound to see that Jiang Chen was cleaning the wound for an uncle. When the uncle saw Chen Xiaoxi scolding her badly, Jiang Chen moved his wound to let him clean his mouth. That uncle suddenly understood, and changed his attitude to compliment Chen Xiaoxi flatly to Jiang Chen, saying that Dr. Jiang’s girlfriend is so cute. Chen Xiaoxi smiled happily after hearing it.

On the day of the wedding of Lin Jingxiao and Lu Yang, as a bridesmaid, Chen Xiaoxi carelessly left the bridal bouquet in the company. When she took the bouquet and left the company, she found that Jiang Chen and Wu Baisong appeared in front of her at the same time. The two men in straight suits had the same smiles that were bound to win, but Chen Xiaoxi got into Wu Baisong’s car after looking at Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen tasted frustration again here in Chen Xiaoxi.

At the wedding scene, Chen Xiaoxi learned the story behind the high school bonfire party from Li Wei. It turned out that Jiang Chen liked Chen Xiaoxi at that time. But now Chen Xiaoxi has broken up with Jiang Chen, and the previous things are meaningless.

Lu Yang and Lin Jingxiao finally entered the palace of marriage. Lu Yang sent love letters to all the girls in the school, but he didn’t send it to Lin Jingxiao, but he gave Lin Jingxiao a star. He dyed Lin Jingxiao’s hair, spoke with her on the national flag, and was noisy and annoying by Lin Jingxiao’s side, but in this world he only loved Lin Jingxiao the most. Lin Jingxiao’s Rosetta finally found her Philae, they are no longer alone in this vast universe, and Lin Jingxiao’s world is more colorful because of Lu Yang.

The feelings between the remaining three of the five are more complicated. Chen Xiaoxi accidentally found a pair of rings on Wu Baisong. In fact, he had planned to propose to Chen Xiaoxi a long time ago. When receiving the bouquet, Jiang Chen and Wu Baisong’s hands, who were on Chen Xiaoxi’s waist at the same time, were the real son of Chen Xiaoxi!

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