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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 17 Recap

This long book of three years in high school finally drew a rest with the ringing of the bell at the end of the college entrance examination. At the last class meeting of the 8th class of high school, the teacher Zhang Xinxia, ​​the usually serious class teacher, rarely put on a bright red skirt. After graduating, many students may never see each other after they are separated. Youth is over and they must be separated.

Two weeks later, Chen Xiaoxi found out that his score of 549 points was not bad, and he could go to a second college in Hangzhou, so that he could be closer to Jiang Chen. Chen Xiaoxi ran to find Jiang Chen excitedly, climbed the stairs in three steps in two steps and knocked on the door of Jiang Chen’s house. Jiang Chen invited her to have a cold drink. Chen Xiaoxi in the cold drink shop was sipping her juice while staring at the watermelon juice in Jiang Chen’s hand.

Jiang Chen saw her intention, deliberately said that his watermelon juice was too sweet and pushed it to Chen Xiaoxi. Like a happy puppy, Chen Xiaoxi hurriedly put the straw into her mouth and took a big breath, looking at Jiang Chen with a smile. Jiang Chen complained about Chen Xiaoxi, but his eyes were full of joy that could not be concealed.

On the day of volunteering, Jiang’s mother came to the school and wanted Jiang Chen to fill the Tsinghua Department of Mathematics, but Jiang Chen insisted on choosing Zhejiang University, and even dropped out to fight against Jiang’s mother. Jiang’s mother had no choice but to give in. Jiang Chen walked out of the classroom and saw Chen Xiaoxi hiding by the window. He straightened her schoolbag strap with her hand and walked with her. On the way, Chen Xiaoxi sighed that it was a pity that Jiang Chen didn’t read Tsinghua University. Jiang Chen glared at Chen Xiaoxi when he heard this. He said that I did this for you, but Chen Xiaoxi, a little confused, didn’t think so much.

Lu Yang has never dared to be with Lin Jingxiao because of his health. Lin Jingxiao looked at his mother-in-law and grabbed Lu Yang’s schoolbag strap and declared that he was his girlfriend. Lu Yang and Lin Jingxiao finally confirmed their relationship.

Both Jiang Chen and Lin Jingxiao were admitted to Zhejiang University, and Lu Yang was admitted to a university near Zhejiang University, but Chen Xiaoxi failed. Jiang Chen kept calling Chen Xiaoxi but couldn’t get through. He came to her house worriedly and found out that she was sad all day at home. Jiang Chen took Chen Xiaoxi out to relax, comforting him and encouraging him to try again.

Under his guidance, the art test of Zhejiang University should be no problem, and he also offered bait to graduate with him. As soon as Chen Xiaoxi listened to her attention to graduation, she worried that she would not be able to graduate before taking the exam. Jiang Chen looked at Chen Xiaoxi helplessly and sighed that his brain circuit was strange, but this was Chen Xiaoxi.

Here, Wu Baisong is going through a tense national swimming championship. Wu Baisong has kept the cheering card that Chen Xiaoxi gave her for the first time. Every competition will bring him confidence. This time it is the same. Wu Baisong won the championship smoothly. After the game, Wu Baisong learned from Lu Yang that Chen Xiaoxi was going to repeat it.

In subsequent interviews with reporters, Wu Baisong encouraged Chen Xiaoxi to come back from the beginning in front of the people of the whole country. It is not terrible. I believe she will succeed! At this time, Chen Xiaoxi in front of the TV saw that Wu Baisong’s confidence in the interview greatly increased, and Jiang Chen saw his love rival Wu Baisong, and immediately turned off the TV and spit out the word “old-fashioned” and left.

Time flies, Jiang Chen is about to leave home to go to Zhejiang University to go to school. Chen Xiaoxi bid farewell to Jiang Chen downstairs. Jiang Chen gently touched Chen Xiaoxi’s bangs with his hands, and told Chen Xiaoxi softly that he was waiting for him at Zhejiang University, Chen Xiaoxi Reluctantly watching Jiang Chen leave.

Chen Xiaoxi ate the still life grapes used for painting because of curiosity on the first day of his art test life. After learning that this was a taboo of art examinees, Chen Xiaoxi was so afraid that he just wanted to vomit it. Chen Xiaoxi really looked confused. And Jiang Chen, who had gone to college, still looked coldly rejected from thousands of miles away, because of Jiang Chen’s outstanding appearance, many girls took the initiative to strike up a conversation, but he was driven back by his sharp words.

Of course, the flower of Gaoling Jiang Chen had already been taken by Chen Xiaoxi. Jiang Chen would be upset because Chen Xiaoxi hadn’t called him for a day, and finally couldn’t help but actively dialed out. At this time, Chen Xiaoxi was on his way home because he was preparing for the art exam. Seeing the call from Jiang Chen, I suddenly became excited again. I didn’t expect Jiang Chen to ask Chen Xiaoxi what was going on as soon as he got through, as if Chen Xiaoxi took the initiative to look for him.

Chen Xiaoxi was puzzled and said it was okay. Jiang Chen was awkward and wanted to hang up the phone. Unexpectedly, Chen Xiaoxi didn’t stop him, and the phone really hangs up. When Jiang Chen saw the phone hang up, he didn’t know how to feel sulking. He raised his foot and kicked to the roadside steps. Perhaps Jiang Chen himself didn’t realize that Chen Xiaoxi had such a great influence on him.

The countdown to the art test was 100 days. Jiang Chen, Lu Yang, Lin Jingxiao and the others went back to school to visit Chen Xiaoxi. Wu Baisong also returned to the team, and the group of five finally gathered. With the help of Jiang Chen, Chen Xiaoxi studied step by step to prepare for the exam. Finally, the effort paid off and Chen Xiaoxi was successfully admitted to Zhejiang University.

In the summer vacation when the college entrance examination was over, Chen Xiaoxi was all relaxed. On this day, Chen Xiaoxi went out together, begging Jiang Chen to sign her schoolbag all the time, but Jiang Chen didn’t agree with her, so she lied. At Xueyou Bookstore, Chen Xiaoxi said she had numb legs and asked Princess Jiang Chen to hug her. Jiang Chen looked down at her and said he would knock her out and drag her away. Chen Xiaoxi curled her lips, when Wu Baisong appeared. It turned out that the class organized a party to celebrate Chen Xiaoxi’s admission to Zhejiang University.

At the party, Chen Xiaoxi had been filled with alcohol and was dizzy when he drank. Jiang Chen felt distressed when she saw it, blocked the alcohol and protected her by his side. After the end, only Jiang Chen, Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong were left. The drunk Chen Xiaoxi only recognized Jiang Chen, and Wu Baisong had no choice but to leave.

Jiang Chen looked at Chen Xiaoxi, who was already confused, and said whether he was leaving or the princess hug. Chen Xiaoxi made a decision that she would regret 10,000 times when she was sober. She was stubborn to walk from nowhere. Jiang Chen’s big hand wrapped Chen Xiaoxi’s small hand, and then took her home slowly.

Downstairs, Jiang Chen looked at Chen Xiaoxi, who was blushing because of his drunkenness, and asked if she would remember what happened tonight tomorrow, and call her if Chen Xiaoxi remembered. After speaking, Jiang Chen leaned over and lowered his head and kissed Chen Xiaoxi’s lips. But at this time, Chen Xiaoxi was drunk and confused, and did not reflect what had happened just now, and even yawned.

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