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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 15 Recap

As time walked slowly, the seedlings of the plant Jiang Chen sent Chen Xiaoxi had grown. Lu Yang fell ill and left school and has not returned.

In physical education class, Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao were sitting on the grass watching the boys playing football in the class. During the intermission, Wu Baisong ran over, picked up a bottle of water that Chen Xiaoxi had drunk, unscrewed it, and drank it. Jiang Chen looked displeased. . Seeing Jiang Chen coming, Chen Xiaoxi hurriedly took a new bottle of clean water and handed it to him. Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen picked up the water of Chen Xiaoxi Wu Baisong had just drunk and threw it aside, leaving Chen Xiaoxi with an inexplicable expression. .

Jiang Chen’s mother came to the school to chat with Teacher Zhang about Jiang Chen’s achievements. Jiang’s mother wanted Jiang Chen to go to Tsinghua, but Jiang Chen disagreed.

Chen Xiaoxi suggested that everyone go to see Lu Yang, but Lin Jingxiao said that she would not go. Lin Jingxiao came to the movie theater where Li Shu was followed. Recalling all the past, the person she had been chasing was Li Shu, but the person who had been by her side was Lu Yang. The skinny Lu Yang was for her. In the early days, win stars for her and confess her in front of the school.

When Chen Xiaoxi and the others came to the hospital, they happened to see Lu Yang drawing blood. Lu Yang was still the timid Lu Yang. Lin Jingxiao came to the hospital to visit Lu Yang in the end, but Lu Yang and her became alienated. After leaving the hospital, Chen Xiaoxi was still worried about Lin Jingxiao and Lu Yang. Wu Baisong took Chen Xiaoxi’s shoulder to comfort her. Jiang Chen felt unhappy when he saw this, and used a bad reason to tell her to be careful of the car to pull Chen Xiaoxi to his side.

Chen Xiaoxi, Wu Baisong and Jiang Chen went to play billiards together. Jiang Chen and Wu Baisong both want to win in front of Chen Xiaoxi and make each other lose face. Jiang Chen took the lead and scored one after another. Wu Baisong did not show weakness, and the technique was slightly better and finally won the game. Chen Xiaoxi saw them playing and wanted to play, so Wu Baisong, the winner, naturally became her teacher. Jiang Chen was going to leave, but seeing Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong together, he returned again, pulled Chen Xiaoxi’s back collar, and forcibly dragged Chen Xiaoxi away like a chicken.

On the way back, Chen Xiaoxi was chattering excitedly. She didn’t expect Jiang Chen to play billiards so well. Chen Xiaoxi comforted Jiang Chen and said that although he had lost, it was not that he was not good but Wu Baisong was too good. Chen Xiaoxi, who was confused, didn’t realize that Jiang Chen’s expression had changed. Jiang Chen covered Chen Xiaoxi’s mouth with his big hand, and stopped her talking.

At the door of the house, Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen met Jiang’s mother. Chen Xiaoxi found that Jiang Chen was going to participate in Tsinghua’s independent enrollment and felt down. Chen Xiaoxi looked at her distressing results and wondered what to do if she couldn’t go to Beijing and stay with Jiang Chen.

Wu Baisong returned to school to attend classes because of a recurrence of his shoulder injury. Lin Jingxiao lost her face all day since Lu Yang left, and the noisy Chen Xiaoxi could only say a few words to Wu Baisong. Jiang Chen was unhappy to see Chen Xiaoxi always and Wu Baisong together, and lied to Chen Xiaoxi and Liu Xinxia to find her.

On the way home in the evening, Chen Xiaoxi told Jiang Chen that he learned from Teacher Liu that his current grades generally only get three books in Beijing. Chen Xiaoxi said that she would go wherever Jiang Chen went. Jiang Chen was still secretly jealous for Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong together. Hearing this, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help laughing.

Lin Jingxiao went to the hospital to find Lu Yang and saw that he was doing homework. In order not to disturb him, she sat on the bench outside to do his homework and waited for him to finish. When Lu Yang found out, he asked the nurse to help Lin Jingxiao say that he had been discharged from the hospital. Lin Jingxiao rushed in to look for him after hearing this. Seeing the health care products she had given to Lu Yang before the bed, she understood that Lu Yang was deliberate After avoiding her, I left lonely.

Neither Lu Yang nor Wu Bosong came to class, and Chen Xiaoxi felt empty. After school this day, Wu Baisong’s father came to Chen Xiaoxi and told her that Wu Baisong’s shoulder injury was more serious than everyone expected and that the national team could not go. He wanted Chen Xiaoxi to comfort Wu Baisong.

Jiang Chen had been worried after knowing that Chen Xiaoxi had followed Dad Wu after school. In the name of throwing garbage, walked downstairs at home and waited for Chen Xiaoxi to return home. When Chen Xiaoxi came back to see Jiang Chen’s back, she stepped forward and asked him what he was doing. Jiang Chen asked her what she was doing.

Seeing Chen Xiaoxi didn’t say anything, Jiang Cheng teased her and said that he still couldn’t tell him. Chen Xiaoxi wronged that he participated in Tsinghua’s independent enrollment and did not tell her. Jiang Chen said that he might not go, and Chen Xiaoxi said happily that he would not go either. In the end, Chen Xiaoxi still didn’t know where he was going, Jiang Cheng helplessly spit out three words “Trash out.”

Chen Xiaoxi was worried about Wu Baisong and came to his grandmother’s house to find Wu Baisong. Wu Baisong did not look downcast as Chen Xiaoxi imagined. Chen Xiaoxi told Wu Baisong that they would support him unconditionally no matter what decision he made. Chen Xiaoxi took Wu Baisong back to school and happily planned for Wu Baisong’s future.

While preparing for the college entrance examination, he continued to swim. Jiang Chen saw Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong together, and the students all said that Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong fell in love early, and they were jealous, and angrily agreed to participate in Tsinghua’s independent enrollment.

That morning, Jiang Chen packed his luggage and prepared to go to Beijing to take the exam. Chen Xiaoxi sent him off downstairs. Jiang Cheng watched Chen Xiaoxi look up at him with big innocent eyes, his heart suddenly became clear, he stretched out his hand and pinched Chen Xiaoxi’s puff face, and said with a smile: “Maybe I can’t pass the test.”

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