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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 14 Recap

The next morning, Chen Xiaoxi did not ride the bus to the school early due to injury. Jiang Chen took the initiative to ask how her injury was, and she still looked unhappy. Li Wei came to talk to Jiang Chen, and Chen Xiaoxi hid in the door. Wu Baisong came next to Chen Xiaoxi and said sarcastically to Jiang Chen and Li Wei that they met in the corridor. Chen Xiaoxi ran away, Wu Baisong and Jiang Chen’s eyes met, the two of them did not lose each other’s momentum, and the air was filled with a smell of gunpowder smoke.

Li Wei asked school doctor Li to prescribe Valium for her because of stress and poor sleep. Lin Jingxiao still doesn’t get sick from time to time, so she looks for opportunities to see school doctor Li. Jiang Chen took the initiative to show that Chen Xiaoxi helped her fetch water, but Chen Xiaoxi refused, saying that he was going to fetch water, but Lu Yang broke it and returned with an empty cup.

Lu Yang couldn’t see that Chen Xiaoxi had been fighting Jiang Chen like this, so he thought of a way to help them. Lu Yang asked Chen Xiaoxi to accompany him to borrow books in the library, which actually created opportunities for Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen. Chen Xiaoxi had to hide when he saw Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen stopped her, and Chen Xiaoxi had no choice but to bite the bullet and sit with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen took the initiative to give Chen Xiaoxi the topic, and Chen Xiaoxi bit her pen and looked at the topic seriously. Jiang Chen turned his head and looked at Chen Xiaoxi. The girl’s profile was thin and white, and her brows were clear. Her short black hair was low on her cheeks, and her hair was stained with a warm halo. Jiang Chen couldn’t help reaching out and penning Xiaoxi with a pen. The soft broken hair gently brushed behind the ear.

The eyes are soft and watery. Chen Xiaoxi was shocked suddenly, and slowly turned her head to look at Jiang Chen incredulously. After the two looked at each other for a few seconds, they turned their heads unnaturally at the same time. Listening to her heart beating, Chen Xiaoxi swallowed her saliva quietly, and then slowly said to Jiang Chen that she would never ask him about Li Wei again, and asked him if he could not play with Li Wei. . Jiang Chen didn’t say anything about Li Wei’s situation.

Lin Jingxiao took the canned plant to give to school doctor Li, when she happened to see Li Wei sneak out of the infirmary. Lu Yang also bought canned plants and wanted to give it to Li Jingxiao, but found that she had placed exactly the same canned food on Li Shu’s table. Recalling the strokes of the names of people Lin Jingxiao liked before, he found that the person Lin Jingxiao liked was actually Li Shu .

After Lu Yang returned to the classroom, he saw the vitamin C film on Lin Jingxiao’s desk. He thought that Lin Jingxiao always pretended to be sick and went to the school doctor, and angrily poured all vitamin C into her cup. Lin Jingxiao who just came in saw this scene and rushed forward and pushed Lu Yang fiercely to shout at him that he was sick. Lu Yang looked at Lin Jingxiao lonely and said, “Yes, I’m sick.”

Jiang Chen caught up with Lu Yang who rushed out of the classroom. Lu Yang felt like a fool. Everyone knew that Lin Jingxiao didn’t like him, and he still followed Lin Jingxiao stupidly. Jiang Chen advised Lu Yang to calm down. Lu Yang said sarcastically that Jiang Chen had been so calm, how could he know this. Indeed, it is because Jiang Chen has always been so calm. Chen Xiaoxi has always been actively chasing him. When Chen Xiaoxi left him, he was still so calm. He always hesitated to take some actions before Wu Baisong was always slow.

In the evening, Lu Yang vented on the court alone, recalling the beautiful moments with Lin Jingxiao, all the sorrow and helplessness leaked from his heart. Li Wei was in a trance alone on the rooftop and wanted to commit suicide. Jiang Chen and the school doctor Li rescued her. Li Wei’s mother made a fuss at the school and blamed the school for giving Li Wei stability. Li Wei lied was the medicine that Teacher Li prescribed to her, and the director fired Li Shu out of anger. Lin Jingxiao knew that Li Wei had stole the medicine, and asked Li Shu why he didn’t tell the truth. Li Shu told her that Li Wei’s situation is unstable and cannot be stimulated.

In order to help Li Shu and not to irritate Li Wei, Lin Jingxiao took the initiative to ask the director to admit that she had stolen the medicine and took all the responsibility on her. Lin Jingxiao was severely punished for Li Shu. Lu Yang saw that Lin Jingxiao had sacrificed so much for Li Shu, and he was both distressed and angry at him. Although Lin Jingxiao had the courage to stand out, the little girl still didn’t know how to tell her mother.

After school at night, on the bus, Chen Xiaoxi was so squeezed by the crowd that she was so irritated to say not to crowd again. The next second she saw Jiang Chen appearing behind her and she fell silent. Since knowing Jiang Chen After taking special care of Li Wei because of her depression, Chen Xiaoxi forgave Jiang Chen in her heart. Jiang Chen secretly stuffed the canned plant into Chen Xiaoxi’s schoolbag, and Jiang Chen protected Chen Xiaoxi with his arm along the way. This time, the emotional crisis between Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen was lifted.

When Li Shu returned to school, Lu Yang rushed out of the classroom despite Lin Jingxiao’s obstruction. Lin Jingxiao and the others were worried that Lu Yang would chase after him in a hurry. Lu Yang fainted because of a heart attack. The crowd rushed him to the infirmary. Lu Yang was in a critical condition, and Li Shu took the risk of giving him an injection to rescue him.

Lu Yang was sent to the hospital and was not allowed to return to school for the rest of the time. In the end, Li Shu did not stay at the school as a school doctor. Lin Jingxiao and Chen Xiaoxi together saw him off. Lin Jingxiao’s first love ended without a problem.

When Lin Jingxiao accepted the punishment and reviewed it in front of the whole school. With his colorful hair, Lu Yang appeared in front of everyone, under the national flag and beside Lin Jingxiao, bravely telling everyone that he likes Lin Jingxiao and has liked her for three years. This time, Lu Yang finished what he had been afraid to do.

In the evening, Lu Yang came to Lin Jingxiao’s mother’s shop. Lu Yang told Lin Jingxiao that today was the last time he was by her side, and that he would not be able to come to school in the future. Lin Jingxiao covered her mouth and cried uncontrollably. This time, it seemed that Lu Yang had turned around in front of Lin Jingxiao for the first time, said goodbye, and left. Lu Yang thought that if he hadn’t met Lin Jingxiao at the age when he was most alive, his youth would be wasted!

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