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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 12 Recap

In a blink of an eye, Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen were both seniors. That morning, Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi were at the door of the classroom when they happened to see the homework book that Li Wei was holding dropped. Jiang Chen stepped forward to help, and was misunderstood by a passing junior girl that Jiang Chen and Li Wei were a pair. Chen Xiaoxi yelled nonsense when she heard it, and after reacting to her gaffe, she fumbled and found herself a step down. Jiang Chen couldn’t help laughing at Chen Xiaoxi’s appearance.

In class, when Lu Yang played with Lin Jingxiao’s hair, the two were called to stand up by the teacher, and Chen Xiaoxi was also called out for snickering. Teacher Liu was about to yell at them, and Jiang Chen stood up in time to relieve Chen Xiaoxi. During class, Chen Xiaoxi dozed off in the seat and his head swayed and was about to hit the table. At this time, Jiang Chen’s big hand reached out in time to support Chen Xiaoxi’s chin, and placed her head gently on the table. Jiang Chen sat in his seat and watched Chen Xiaoxi’s peaceful sleep.

The student jumping incident in the city has been taken seriously by the Education Bureau. In order to relieve the pressure of the students on the college entrance examination, the school decided to organize the students to go to the Riverside Park for an outing on the afternoon of the college entrance examination physical examination.

At lunch, the little carrier pigeon Lu Yang reported the great news to Chen Xiaoxi and the others. Lin Jingxiao teased that Lu Yang’s little carrier pigeon roasted herself. Chen Xiaoxi said excitedly that she wanted to eat roast pigeon. As soon as the voice fell, Wu Baisong immediately bounced from his seat and said that he would take Chen Xiaoxi. At this time, Jiang Chen picked up a piece of chicken wings from his dinner plate and put it into Chen Xiaoxi’s bowl, saying that he didn’t want to eat it, and Chen Xiaoxi immediately said that he would eat it happily.

Upon seeing this, Wu Baisong poured a plate of his own chicken into Chen Xiaoxi’s bowl, then gave Jiang Chen a contemptuous look, Jiang Chen’s expression was green. Lin Jingxiao and Lu Yang saw the smell of gunpowder permeating the table, and quickly eased the atmosphere. Chen Xiaoxi pulled out from the bowl of chicken Jiang Chen and gave her chicken wings a big bite happily. Wu Baisong laughed at himself when she saw it. It was true that Jiang Chen was more important in Chen Xiaoxi’s heart.

Chen Xiaoxi was very excited to learn that after the medical examination, the school organized a bonfire party for an outing in the riverside park. She dreamed of romantically watching the fireworks with Jiang Chen under the fire. But the number one problem with this romantic picture is that Chen Xiaoxi has no money. Wu Baisong saw Chen Xiaoxi feeling unhappy and took the initiative to tell her that he could help her settle any problems. Jiang Chen on the side had been paying attention to Chen Xiaoxi’s movement, but he was silent and awkward in his heart.

Lin Jingxiao decided to try Chen Xiaoxi’s advice to show Lin Shu what she wanted. Lin Jingxiao secretly followed Lin Shu to the cinema again, and Lu Yang also appeared in the cinema, so Li Shu, Lin Jingxiao and Lu Yang sat in a row and watched the movie. In the movie theater, Lu Yang was frightened by the bloody scenes of the movie. He tossed around in his seat, and finally put Lin Jingxiao’s arm and put his head on her shoulder, so that Lin Jingxiao’s plan of confession was weird. The three-person movie was messed up.

Wu Baisong took Chen Xiaoxi to the pyrotechnic shop to buy fireworks. Wu Baisong knew that Chen Xiaoxi had no money and secretly discussed with the boss that no matter what Chen Xiaoxi bought was less than 50 yuan, he would secretly give it to the boss. Wu Baisong left early because of the selection of the national team members, and Chen Xiaoxi carried a large box of fireworks home alone.

As soon as he opened the door of the corridor, Chen Xiaoxi found that Jiang Chen was holding a screwdriver facing the electric box and didn’t know what he was doing. It turned out that Jiang Chen had been waiting for Chen Xiaoxi to come home. When Chen Xiaoxi came back, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and asked what she was holding.

Chen Xiaoxi didn’t want to expose the fireworks plan she prepared, so she slopped over it. Chen Xiaoxi continued to ask Jiang Chen what he was doing, and Jiang Chen angrily said that he was counting wires. Chen Xiaoxi said in a daze that he thought Jiang Chen was repairing the light bulb. Jiang Chen’s face was blue and white, and he said “I’m sick” and turned away.

The night before the physical examination, Chen Xiaoxi had always imagined a romantic embrace with Jiang Chen under the beautiful fireworks. Throughout the night, Chen Xiaoxi got up countless times and opened the curtains to see how the weather was outside. Early in the morning, Chen Xiaoxi left without waiting for Jiang Chen to prepare her romantic fireworks plan.

On the bus, Chen Xiaoxi wanted to sit with Jiang Chen, but Li Wei took the first step to occupy the seat next to Jiang Chen. Chen Xiaoxi and Lin Jingxiao and Lu Yang were huddled together. Jiang Chen in the rear looked at Chen Xiaoxi and them and laughed happily, and the corners of his mouth did not consciously arouse.

During the physical examination at the hospital, Chen Xiaoxi felt a little depressed when he saw that Li Wei and Lin Jingxiao had bigger busts than herself. Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi happened to be in the same consulting room. The two were lying on the hospital bed. Jiang Chen saw Chen Xiaoxi’s red face on the opposite side, and blinked his big eyes to look at himself. His heartbeat was thunderous. During the examination, he found that his heartbeat reached 134, Jiang Chen Chen finally realized his heartfelt feelings for Chen Xiaoxi.

After the physical examination, the students came to Riverside Park. Wu Baisong’s selection for the national team also ended smoothly, and he was rushing over to Riverside Park. In the park, Lu Yang suggested to play the game you guessed. The students drew a circle of weird movements. When it was finally Chen Xiaoxi’s turn to show Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen immediately guessed it was a snake. Everyone was very surprised, Jiang Chen made an excuse that he was too tall and accidentally saw the answer. Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi looked at each other and smiled. In fact, Jiang Chen knew Chen Xiaoxi better than anyone.

In the evening, a bonfire was lit in the park, and Chen Xiaoxi and the others sat in a group. Lu Yang wanted to show Lin Jingxiao his masculinity to help her unscrew the bottle cap, but it was a mess. In the end, Lin Jingxiao showed his female spirit and helped him unscrew the bottle cap.

At this time, Li Wei took the lead in Chen Xiaoxi and asked Jiang Chen to help her screw the bottle cap. Chen Xiaoxi looked at Jiang Chen sadly and decided to twist it by herself, but did not expect that when Jiang Chen left, he took the initiative to pick up Chen Xiaoxi’s water bottle to help her unscrew it. Chen Xiaoxi and Lu Yang raised the water bottle together to celebrate the further progress of their respective relationships.

Chen Xiaoxi asked Jiang Chen to meet in the open space in front of the small forest and asked Lin Jingxiao to help her set off the fireworks, intending to leave good memories for the two under the fireworks. But what Chen Xiaoxi was waiting for was Li Wei hugging Jiang Chen, when the fireworks that should have been prepared for Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi suddenly lit up.

Under the bright fireworks, Chen Xiaoxi looked at Jiang Chen sadly with tears in her eyes. Li Wei saw Chen Xiaoxi and immediately approached Jiang Chen to kiss him, but Jiang Chen pushed him away. Chen Xiaoxi didn’t see this scene. Wu Baisong appeared in time to cover Chen Xiaoxi’s eyes with his hands to prevent her from seeing those sad images and take her away.

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