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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 8 Recap

Chen Xiaoxi wants to go to the Manchester United match with Jiang Chen on her birthday, looking for jobs around to make money to buy Manchester United tickets. Chen Xiaoxi found Wu Baisong, a part-time worker, in a barbecue restaurant. It turned out that Wu Baisong was suspended from training by the coach for an interview after the game and was kicked out of the house. Chen Xiaoxi took the opportunity to ask Wu Baisong what he wrote on the note that night. Wu Baisong did not tell her the truth, but told her that he wrote hot pot.

Chen Xiaoxi asked Lu Yang and Lin Jingxiao about the content of their note, and was completely sure that the note she got was Jiang Chen’s. The happiness came too suddenly, and Chen Xiaoxi worked harder to prepare for her birthday. But Manchester United’s tickets were too expensive and hard to get. Chen Xiaoxi retreated and wanted to help Jiang Chen buy the signed jersey of his favorite star Rooney.

Lin Jingxiao gave her living expenses to Lu Yang and asked him to help get Manchester United tickets, but Lu Yang met a former enemy on the way after school and the money was taken away. Wu Baisong also asked his brother from his swimming team to help him find a way to prepare tickets for Manchester United for Chen Xiaoxi.

Because of Wu Baisong’s post-match interview, the classmates misunderstood that Chen Xiaoxi was Wu Baisong’s girlfriend. On this day, Chen Xiaoxi was drawing a blackboard with a stool, Wu Baisong accompanied her. When Chen Xiaoxi saw Jiang Chen coming into the classroom, she anxiously fell off the stool and fell into Wu Baisong’s arms. When Jiang Chen saw this scene, his face was green and angrily went away.

Chen Xiaoxi hurriedly took her schoolbag and chased it out. Chen Xiaoxi gave Rooney’s signed jersey that she bought to Jiang Chen in advance, but Jiang Chen was angry at this time, picking up the money and stuffing it in Chen Xiaoxi’s hand and told her not to follow her in the future. When Chen Xiaoxi saw that Jiang Chen didn’t care about her own mind at all, she sprinkled the money on the ground angrily. Looking at Jiang Chen’s back, he shouted, “I won’t just like you for so long a lifetime.”

Chen Xiaoxi was really angry this time, and agreed with Lin Jingxiao to ignore Jiang Chen again. But after returning to the classroom, she just said to Lin Jingxiao that she would do what she said, she immediately blurted out after hearing that Jiang Chen wanted to correct the tape.

Lin Jingxiao watched Jiang Chen talk coldly about Chen Xiaoxi and wanted to stimulate him. She deliberately told him that Wu Baisong was chasing Chen Xiaoxi, and that Chunchun would come to a concert on Chen Xiaoxi’s birthday. If Wu Baisong had an appointment with Chen Xiaoxi, it would be impossible A pair. Although Jiang Chen had no expression on his face, he had always been calm after hearing these words and actually tore his homework. Lin Jingxiao secretly laughed and knew that her radical strategy was successful.

Wu Baisong’s father, Coach Wu, came to the school to find Chen Xiaoxi. Chen Xiaoxi accidentally leaked Wu Baisong’s sleeping in the barbecue restaurant.

Chen Xiaoxi told Wu’s father that Wu Baisong was actually swimming very hard, because swimming he lost a lot of the happiness that normal children should have. After hearing this, Father Wu thought a lot, and went to the barbecue restaurant to find Wu Baisong in the evening, and took him to eat hot pot. Father Wu told Wu Bosong that he was harsh on him because he didn’t want him to regret it in the future. The father and son resolved their knot.

The next day, Chen Xiaoxi saw Wu Baisong come to class refreshingly, knowing that he and his dad had a good relationship, and the two chatted lively. Although Jiang Chen next to him was talking to Li Wei, his eyes were always on Chen Xiaoxi’s side. When he heard Wu Baisong invite Chen Xiaoxi to go out to play on Saturday, Jiang Chen finally couldn’t help but called Chen Xiaoxi, but it turned out that Chen Xiaoxi borrowed the correction tape.

Chen’s father and Chen’s mother finally remembered that Saturday was his daughter’s birthday, and Chen’s father also bought two Manchester United tickets for Chen Xiaoxi. In the evening, when Chen Xiaoxi hesitated whether to take the initiative to call Jiang Chen, she suddenly received a call from Jiang Chen to ask her to see her in the gym tomorrow night. Chen Xiaoxi was so happy. It turned out that Jiang Chen bought a ticket for Chen Xiaoxi’s Chunchun concert because he could not buy a ticket for Manchester United.

On Saturday, Chen Xiaoxi got up early to clean up herself, wanting to appear beautifully in front of Jiang Chen. However, Chen Xiaoxi thought that Jiang Chen asked her for a Manchester United match, and waited for Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was at the door of the Chunchun concert at this time. Chen Xiaoxi called Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen understood that this confused Chen Xiaoxi had another oolong this time, and asked Chen Xiaoxi to stay where he was.

Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen met, but Chen Xiaoxi’s ticket went wrong. It turned out that the ticket Chen Dad gave her was a fake ticket bought at the scalper. Although Chen Xiaoxi failed to watch the football game with Jiang Chen as she wanted, she had a great time with Jiang Chen on her birthday. Wu Baisong got the ticket and went to the entrance of the gymnasium. He saw Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi together, and realized that Chen Xiaoxi liked Jiang Chen. Wu Baisong threw the tickets into the trash can and left alone.

Chen Xiaoxi had a happy birthday with Jiang Chen. When he returned home downstairs, Chen Xiaoxi asked Jiang Chen what was written in the last game note and told Jiang Chen that it was written on the note that she liked Jiang Chen. Although Jiang Chen said that Chen Xiaoxi was thick-skinned after hearing it, his eyes were full of smiles when he looked at Chen Xiaoxi. Jiang Chen showed Chen Xiaoxi his note with “I don’t want to play this game”, and Chen Xiaoxi knew that the note he got was Wu Baisong’s, and Wu Baisong liked him.

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