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A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 Episode 7 Recap

At the beginning of the new semester, Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi successfully entered the 28th class of senior high school. Chen Xiaoxi made his calculations and wanted Jiang Chen to sit next to him, but Jiang Chen refused. At this time, Li Wei wrapped Jiang Chen and asked him to help with the topic, and Wang Dazhuang came over and wanted to sit in that seat.

Chen Xiaoxi immediately stepped forward to protect the table and said that this seat was occupied, and then looked at Jiang Chen with anticipation. In the end, Chen Xiaoxi sat next to Jiang Chen as he wished. Although there was a walkway between them, it was enough for Chen Xiaoxi to be happy for a long time.

In the Chinese class, the teacher praised Lu Yang for his innovative writing, and read his composition “If I am the Chaos of the Universe”. When Chen Xiaoxi heard the word chaos, he asked Lin Jingxiao suspiciously. At this time, Jiang Chen said, “No “Eat”, Lin Jingxiao laughed and said that Jiang Chen knew Chen Xiaoxi best.

At noon, when Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen and the group of five had dinner together, Lin Wei came over to ask Jiang Chen to help buy books. Chen Xiaoxi dragged Lin Jingxiao and followed Jiang Chen secretly. In the bookstore, Li Wei told Jiang Chen that her family was unhappy and wanted to win Jiang Chen’s sympathy. Seeing this situation, Chen Xiaoxi, who was hiding from the side, wondered whether boys like this kind of pitiful girl with a miserable life.

Chen Xiaoxi’s parents want to open a trotters shop, but the sanitation permit has not been obtained. Chen’s mother and Chen’s father have been arguing about this. Chen Xiaoxi saw his parents so carefully.

The next day, during lunch, Chen Xiaoxi asked Jiang Chen how she felt about Lin Daiyu, whether it was so pitiful that she wanted protection. At this time, Wu Baisong came over and naturally put his hand on Chen Xiaoxi’s shoulder, Jiang Chen’s eyes were fixed on Wu Baisong’s hand, his expression changed. Chen Xiaoxi continued to ask Jiang Chen whether he was like Lin Daiyu. Jiang Chen saw Wu Baisong pinch all the meat in his bowl to Chen Xiaoxi, and said in a cold tone: “It’s less than you eat anyway.”

Lu Yang took out a ticket and said that it was the final preview of Xiaoqing’s answering game. If he answered correctly, he would win the grand prize to play in Hainan. Everyone ignored him. Lin Jingxiao told Lu Yang that it was a scam, only Chen Xiaoxi and Lu Yang hit it off. Due to Chen Xiaoxi’s power, Wu Baisong and Lin Jingxiao also joined their answering game. When Jiang Chen saw this, she got up and left. Chen Xiaoxi immediately followed Chu Chu and described poorly that she was going to be a child of a divorced family. The confused Chen Xiaoxi couldn’t even make up lies, and Jiang Chen’s words exposed her flaws.

With the help of Jiang Chen and others, Lu Yang easily answered all the questions correctly, and the five people agreed to go to Pingjiang to receive the award on Saturday.

Chen Xiaoxi still did not give up the method of using her tragic life experience to win Jiang Chen’s attention. When her parents quarreled, she took a notebook to record their quarrels and said in front of Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen saw that Chen Xiaoxi was so angry and told her not to make fun of her parents’ divorce.

What Chen Xiaoxi did not expect was that her nonsense and fabricated parents’ divorce would really come true. Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong saw their father with other women when they were buying snacks. Chen Xiaoxi called and asked his father to lie to her at work. Chen Xiaoxi’s little heart couldn’t stand it, so she cried all the way home.

On the way home, Jiang Chen saw Chen Xiaoxi catching up alone, and seeing that Chen Xiaoxi hadn’t responded, Jiang Chen turned his head to look at her in confusion. Chen Xiaoxi was even more sad when she saw Jiang Chen crying. She grabbed the sleeve of Jiang Chen’s school uniform and wiped her tears and nose. Jiang Chen allowed Chen Xiaoxi to wet both of his sleeves.

Early on Saturday morning, Chen Xiaoxi overheard that his father was going out again to meet with other women and wanted to follow his father secretly, but found that the door was locked and she could not get out, and Chen Xiaoxi’s mother was not at home. Chen Xiaoxi called Lin Jingxiao and the others for help. Several people were looking for the locksmith and Chen Xiaoxi’s mother and they all returned without success. Finally, Jiang Chen reminded that Chen Xiaoxi, who was confused, realized that she had the key.

Chen Xiaoxi told everyone that she suspected that her father was outside with other women, and a few people figured out a way to find Father Chen. Jiang Chen accompanied Chen Xiaoxi to find Chen’s father before discovering that it was Chen Xiaoxi who had misunderstood Chen’s father and made a big oolong.

Lu Yang came to the award-receiving place in the suburbs by himself, only to find that the so-called award-receiving place was a shabby school, and Lu Yang found out that he had been cheated. Chen Xiaoxi and the others reconciled with Lu Yang. It was getting dark and several people decided to stay for one night in a run-down school in the wilderness.

In the evening, Lin Jingxiao proposed to play Penxian, and Chen Xiaoxi was frightened and agreed to play with them. Jiang Chen came back from the toilet and saw Chen Xiaoxi and Wu Baisong holding hands together, his eyes changed. After a few people ended the pen fairy game, Chen Xiaoxi rushed to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen asked Chen Xiaoxi if he had asked Bixian the most important question. Chen Xiaoxi said that she did not dare to ask.

She was afraid that Bixian said that Jiang Chen would not like herself, and she was afraid that she would not have the courage to insist on liking Jiang Chen after knowing the answer. Jiang Chen looked at Chen Xiaoxi with a smile, and told him that what he was actually trying to talk about was not this question but “Is there a doctor for idiots”, and then left with a smile on his mouth. Maybe Chen Xiaoxi was really stupid, she didn’t know that Jiang Chen, whom she had been chasing, had already slowly fallen in love with herself.

In the middle of the night, Lu Yang woke everyone up to play a game together. Everyone wrote a secret on the note. The note Chen Xiaoxi pulled out said “I like Xiaoxi”. Chen Xiaoxi looked around, secretly happy that it was. Written by Jiang Chen. Chen Xiaoxi fell asleep with a smile. What she didn’t know was that Wu Baisong had been watching her, and Jiang Chen could not sleep this night.

Early the next morning, the group of five watched the sunrise on the top of the mountain together. Although they did not get the so-called grand prize, it was because of this scam that they had such a unique experience.

Chen’s parents successfully obtained the health certificate, and Chen Xiaoxi’s life returned to peace. On the day of the Wu Baisong swimming competition, Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen cheered for Wu Baisong together. Wu Baisong successfully won the championship. When reporters interviewed after the game, they asked him what his motivation for winning the prize was. Wu Baisong smiled and looked at Chen Xiaoxi, pulling her to his side and hugging her, smiling to reporters. The driving force is Chen Xiaoxi. Jiang Chen behind the crowd saw this scene, his face suddenly turned pale.

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