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Cube Zero (2004)

Cube Zero (2004)
Also known as: Different Dimension Killing Array 3: Prequel

Genre: Drama, Science Fiction and Horror
Ernie Barbaras
Release Date:
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  • Zachary Bennett
  • David Huband
  • Stephen Moore
  • Martin Roach
  • Terri Hawkes
  • Michael Riley


The cold, bloody, precise and terrifying outside of the cube, Eric Wayne (played by Zachary Bennett) and Dodd (played by David Harbender), two watchers who are bored Whether the job at hand, occasionally glimpses the trapped person’s actions on the screen. This time, the beautiful and capable mother Cassandra Reins (Stephanie Moore) and her daughter Anna were attacked in the woods. When she woke up, she found that she had lost part of her memory and was in an isolated and confined space.

She finally found the other four trapped strangers and planned to escape with them. Who knew that there were murderous opportunities in the facility, and she would die if she didn’t pay attention. On the other hand, Eric gradually felt sympathy for the trapped. He seemed to be trying to destroy this conspiracy killing machine… This film won the 2004 New York Horror Film Festival Best Special Effects Award and 2004 Scream Film Festival Best Make-up And the best special effects award.

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