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Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit Fire Phoenix

Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit Fire Phoenix (Anime)
Other Name: 虹貓藍兔火鳳凰

Genres: Anime
He Mengfan

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The evil-doing black dragon is sealed in the unfathomable Tianyin Lake. The Phoenix Ceremony is held every five hundred years, and the phoenix’s cry is used to reinforce the seal. A five-hundred-year period came as scheduled. Unexpectedly, there was an accident during the ceremony. The Phoenix failed to hatch, the black dragon broke free and returned to the world, and the world fell into dire straits. If you want to seal the black dragon again, you must go to Tianyin Valley to find seven artifacts. The music they played together can catalyze the phoenix egg.

Unfortunately, Rainbow Cat (voiced by Xie Na) was sleeping at the bottom of Tianyin Lake. In desperation, Lantu (voiced by Yuan Huimin) had to embark on a journey to find the artifact alone with Master Tianyin (voiced by Zhang Huaiwu). On the way, the two met the magician Xiaoli (voiced by Xie Na). Xiaoli unintentionally demonstrated magical abilities, which became an indispensable part of the action.

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