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Legendary Soccer kid

Song Dynasty Captain Footballer (Anime)
Other Name: 宋代足球小將, Legendary Soccer kid

Genres: Anime
Chen Huiyan

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Song Huanghui Hanzong Zhao Ji was very good at Cuju, and Gao Qi, a traitorous minister, was rewarded for his outstanding skills. He was rewarded with high-ranking officials, but he harmed Zhongliang for his own benefit and manipulated Cuju to win or lose. The Northern Jinmen were strong and thrived at the same time with their troops to suppress the border, and proposed that the victory or defeat of Cuju determines the survival of the country. Regardless of national interests and national dignity, Gao Qi sent assassins to kill Hong Feng, Xiang Liuyun and others.

Fortunately, during the process of entering the “Qiyun Society” in the “Taihelou”, the two of Yun worked hard to practice such stunts as “Crescent Moon Like a Hook”, “Two Persons Are Little Tips”, “Kunlun Three Feet” and other stunts. With the help of Yu’er, Jin Bao and Gao Cheng Xia Nv Qiu Yan and others, they finally defeated the Jin Ren to eliminate the calamity of the country at the critical moment of life and death. He also brought Huizong’s special golden boots and his family to avoid Gao Qi to chase and kill and travel to the Western Regions, spreading Chinese Cuju culture to the world.

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