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The Glory of Tang Dynasty Part 2 大唐荣耀2 Episode 32 End Recap

Although the emperor should always put society as the most important thing, but Li Chu is determined this time, and will never ascend the throne if he doesn’t seal the pearl. Shen Zhenzhu saw all this in her eyes. She was grateful for Li Chu’s thoughts for her, but she also felt that this approach was a bit too much, so she stopped the angry Li Chu halfway and wanted to persuade her alone.

Li Chu once promised Pearl to work hard to create a peaceful and prosperous world. However, Shen Zhenzhu pointed out that now that the rebellious army is still undecided and the world is still undecided, Li Chu is on the throne for the first time. The government is not stable, but he does not listen to bad words, does not accept advice, and fights with the officials, as if one can’t get the idea. Whatever you want is a child who loses his temper. Li Chu’s identity should first be a Datang emperor who puts the world first, and then Shen Zhenzhu’s husband.

Where did Shen Zhenzhu know that Li Chu had already known that she wanted to leave the palace alone, preparing to die alone, and wanted to win her a place before she left the palace. Li Chu never thought of losing the world, but he never wanted to sink Pearl.

When Li Chu was angry, he couldn’t listen to other people’s words, but he could always listen to Shen Zhenzhu’s words. Pearl’s advice made Li Chu not be so anxious to make her a queen, but Li Chu also said that he would always keep the post, because he also promised pearls that he must look at the world side by side.

Shen Zhenzhu knew that it was impossible to achieve it, so he took a slow strategy and only said that he would wait for the negotiation after he returned from a tour of the mountains and rivers. Then he said something based on the reasons discussed with Murong Linzhi. Li Chu knew that she was lying and didn’t dare to expose it, so he had to follow along and ask how long she was going to go. Shen Zhenzhu saw that Li Chu hadn’t asked to go together uncharacteristically, which was very strange, but at present he left the palace with all his heart, as long as he left the palace gate, it would be difficult to find clues even if there were thousands of troops and horses.

So he told Li Chu happily that he would return when his body recovered for at most a year or a half. Thinking of Lin Zhigen’s own conversation, Li Chu decided to fulfill Pearl’s painstaking efforts, allowing her to leave with peace of mind, and also reducing Pearl’s psychological pain. In the past, Shen Zhenzhu always considered Li Chu for her everywhere, but now Li Chu also has to consider it specifically for her.

Shen Zhenzhu pretended to talk about Dugu Jingyao casually, and talked about her goodness everywhere, and she was full of infatuation for Li Chu, but now she wandered all over the world alone, and hoped that Li Chu would not let her wander alone again. Li Chu knew that Pearl was choosing a partner for herself, and she agreed. No matter what she said, she agreed to her, but she repeatedly told Pearl that she had been waiting for her here. One sentence poke the softest part of Shen Zhenzhu’s heart, and tears fell in an instant.

Seeing the maidservants packing up their outfits, Shen Zhenzhu was perplexed and had to give up. In order to prevent Li Chu from coming to see him off, Shen Zhenzhu had decided to leave on the day of his enthronement ceremony. The ceremony of enthronement is about to begin. Shen Zhenzhu came to bid farewell to Li Chu and asked him to become a good emperor. The two of them could hardly separate, and put their feelings of longing in the last embrace.

Both knew that this was the last time. For a long time, reluctant not to separate, the impatient Ritual Shangshu repeatedly urged. About to attend the enthronement ceremony, Li Chu once again expressed his promise to Shen Zhenzhu. He wanted Shen Zhenzhu to remember that as long as she does not return for a day, the position of queen will remain empty for her.

Shen Zhenzhu reluctantly took out his hands from Li Chu’s hands. Li Chu shook, did not hold it again, cruelly, turned and walked towards the court. Pearl knew that he would never see each other again, and held tightly the residual temperature and tears of Li Chu in his hands. Raging. Under the guidance of the guard of honor, Li Chu walked slowly into the high hall lined up with officials, walked up to the high platform, looked down on the sentient beings, and accepted hundreds of civil and military officials kneeling and chanting long live. Since then, it was renamed Li Yu, with the reign name Baoying, and was later called the Tang Dynasty Zong by the later world veterans.

Shen Zhenzhu looked at the two sleeping children and said goodbye tearfully. Bisque grew up with Shen Zhenzhu since she was a child, and now she is about to say goodbye to her life and death. She is also reluctant to accompany her, hoping to accompany Shen Zhenzhu on the last journey. Shen Zhenzhu said that sooner or later, we must make a difference, why care about whether it is sooner or later.

It’s just that the two children don’t trust others to look after them, so they entrust them to Bisque and ask Bisque to take care of them. The two said goodbye in tears, and Shen Zhenzhu left in a hurry, for fear that there would be no more feelings of reluctance. . Bisque is always so obedient. After watching Shen Zhenzhu leave, she never sees each other again, and walks slowly back to the child, carefully fulfilling her promise.

Outside the palace gate, a carriage waited for a long time, Dai Zong dressed up as a groom, and covered his face with a low brim. Shen Zhenzhu glanced at the forbidden city that filled her with cares and nostalgia for the last time, saying that it was ruthless and indifferent, but she had the warmest cares in the world. Daizong was determined to send the pearls for the last time, so he drove the carriage to Luoyang City, where the voices were full of people. Shen Zhenzhu listened to the excitement outside, and got out of the car to see that he had reached the Zuixianlou. Today is the drunk fairy brewing cellar this year On the same day, another group of literati and ink guests were vying for beauty, in a daze.

Time passed.

She seemed to see herself dressed as a man, laughing at the young and dashing King Quang Binh’s poem copying competition. This is the place where all causes and destinies begin. Everything started with that jar of drunk celestial brew. Shen Zhenzhu was fascinated by it. I didn’t realize that the coachman had changed. I just saw a figure in the crowd that I was very familiar with. I looked carefully. , The man disappeared again. So he gave up the search, got in the car and left. The coachman had a face-to-face meeting with Daizong and drove away from the downtown area in a horse-drawn carriage.

Let this beautiful marriage end where it started. Daizong once again emerged from the crowd, watching Shen Zhenzhu’s carriage disappear into the vast crowd.

After Pearl left, Daizong would always believe in Ma Youyan, staring in a daze at the scenery in front of him. Between these beautiful mountains and rivers, there is always the shadow of the person he loves.

The end

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