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Beloved Wife Returned Home

Beloved Wife Returned Home (Novel)
Other Name: 豪门蜜宠:甜心小妻抢回家 / ภรรยาสุดที่รักกลับบ้าน /

Genre: novel, President, romance
dance world down
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The heroine Gu Xiaoxi and the heroine Sheng Tianling’s novel are named “Big Honey Pets: Sweetheart Wife Robs Home”. This book is also known as “Sweet Wife Going to the Wrong Room”. Gu Xiaoxi accidentally walked into Sheng Tianling’s room and lingered with him overnight because of being designed by someone with an interest. Since that day, Gu Xiaoxi has avoided Sheng Tianling from being a scorpion, but Sheng Tianling has never missed Gu Xiaoxi.

Chapter List:

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