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The Gourmet Feast of the Future

The Gourmet Feast of the Future
Other Name: 未来之美食盛宴

Genre: novel, science fiction
Wu Xian
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He Qingying, as the sole heir of a new generation of He, her cooking talent almost shows the word ‘perfect’. Not long after her grandfather died, in order to realize her grandfather’s dream, she signed up to compete for the new chef king, but because of the high profile, it caused the killing. In the end, to escape, she drove down the cliff and fell into the sea, passing through In a future where food is lacking and only by drinking nutrients-the twenty-fourth century?

Free reading:
It’s just that He Qingying can only live for two years. Because the original owner is 18 years old this year, according to federal regulations, she will be an adult in two years. Therefore, He Qingying can only live in a house provided by the government for two years.

Two years later, He Qingying must leave the house where she currently lives, or, if she wants to continue living, she must take out federal currency to buy it.

“Black fungus? Eat it? Yingzi, are you crazy? How can this thing be edible? Don’t you know that a few years ago, because of the popularity of chefs, someone tested this black with a poison test machine? Whatever you care about, the test result is non-toxic”

“However, after the chef made it into a dish, he was immediately poisoned. Fortunately, the hospital was treated in a timely manner. Therefore, this dark thing is not edible, Yingzi, you can’t be a chef. Just eat everything indiscriminately”

Rong Rong’s eyes widened when He Qingying said that the black fungus was edible, and then grabbed He Qingying’s vegetable basket, picked up a piece of black fungus, and spoke to He Qingying.

“Poisoned? How come?”

He Qingying heard what Rong Rong said, with a look of confusion.

Then, as if thinking of something, he asked:

“Rongrong, did the chef use this black fungus for cooking without drying it?”

“This should be it, I don’t remember, anyway, Yingzi, listen to me, hurry up and throw these things away, you can’t take them back to eat”

Rong Rong tried hard to recall what He Qingying asked her. She didn’t remember whether the chef who used black fungus for cooking used dried black fungus or picked it directly back for use.

Rong Rong doesn’t care about this issue. What she is more concerned about now is that she doesn’t want He Qingying to take these black fungus back. She thinks this thing is not a good thing.

Even if it is not poisonous, it will become poisonous after cooking.

“No, you can’t throw”

When He Qingying heard Rong Rong tell her to throw the black fungus, she snatched the vegetable basket that was originally in Rong Rong’s hand, and said with a face covering the vegetable basket.

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