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Blood Arena

Blood Arena
Other Name: 热血竞技场

Genre: novel, science fiction
Saar’s Confusion
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“Hot Blood Arena”, also known as “Infinite Battlefield”, is a science fiction novel. The protagonist Su Xia mainly tells how Su Xia walked in the ruins of the city in the physical martial arts era. and how to become the strongest.

Free reading:
At dawn, the sky is gray, and through the windows you can see the floating morning mist, covering the entire city. Su Xia got up from the bed, walked to the window sill, and pushed the window open. The fresh mist poured into the room, and the mist was tinged with blood red.

Su Xia frowned slightly, stood by the window, and took a breath of cold air. Afterwards, she turned on the TV, which was the morning news. The dignified and beautiful female host made the announcement with a serious expression on her face.

“In the early hours of this morning, a large number of fierce beasts landed on the northern foot of Yushan Mountain, and the Yushan City Defense Line was in a hurry!”

“Our city’s Urban Defense Department has dispatched the 7th Mobile Armored Division and the 38th Infantry Brigade to the Yushan Frontline for reinforcements at 1:45 am. It is reported that, in order to protect the city Yushan defense, the reinforcements as well as hunting animals three teams, a total of twenty-one big monk went to the army. ” “

Jade Mountain City, with the city straight-line distance of only 280 km, the middle of no sniper combat buffer So, once Yushan falls, our city will face the offensive of the fierce beasts, and the consequences will not be imagined.”

“…I just received a group of reports from the front line, let’s take a look.”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Gun masterpiece The voice of Su Xia was uploaded from the TV screen. Su Xia was going to the bathroom to take a bath and stopped. She stood in front of the TV, watching the picture in the news video-the dense light spots on the anti-mob missile car, and then Anti-Ferocious Beast missiles roared out, dragging a long stream of white light, and plunged into the darkness ahead.

Then the picture turned around. Several people wearing white combat suits and carrying long swords next to the guided missile car pulled out their swords and jumped into the darkness ahead.

In the darkness, the long sword emitted bursts of red light, accompanied by the roar of the fierce beast. In the interweaving of light and shadow, the huge wave of beasts stretches endlessly in the mountains.
Su Xia looked pale, her legs were soft, and she could hardly stand.

The news screen was switched back to the anchor room. The beautiful host was also unable to conceal the pale color on her face, but she still read the manuscript in a composure tone: “The 21 great martial artists of the animal hunting team are all first-class. Above the Martial Realm, the team is led by Professor Li Mingyu from Tianlan Academy. Professor Li Mingyu is 49 years old this year and he is the heir of the Great Sword Master Li Fu of the Moon Breaking Light Sword. Sure. Citizens, don’t panic…”

The hostess was still broadcasting in a tone she didn’t believe in, and Su Xia didn’t look anymore. She looked through the window towards Yushan in the north. The blood mist is thicker. One can imagine how tragic the fighting there was.

Su Xia sighed and smirked a bitter self-deprecating smile, “The fierce beast attacked Yushan…not far from the harbor city. It has only been three days since I passed through, and I encountered such a thing… this, this What a damn fuck ! “


The shower nozzle in the bathroom turned on, and the water temperature was not very hot. Su Xia took off her clothes and stood in, letting the cold water wet her black long straight hair and graceful body. Through the mist, she looked at the abrupt body in the bathroom mirror, her slender and round thighs, and she stunned.

“Is this really my current body…”

Su Xia touched her chest with her hand, ran her fingers across her slender thighs, felt the elasticity and youthfulness of her skin, and then pinched again.Well, it hurts!

This is really not a dream, and it’s not just a break.

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