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Warm on the Left to the Right Chapter 1

As night fell, a luxurious and lively blind date was held at the five-star Grand View Hotel in Jiangxi.

Yixiangyingying, subtle fragrance floating.

“Have you heard? Ye Beilin is driving another woman crazy, now she is rescued. I heard that it is the daughter of the Xiao family, alas, this is the first one?”

“It’s over a hundred. It’s a terrible person. He was cruel from an early age. After getting such a strange disease, not only did he not see the sun, it was ugly, and I heard that it was not enough.”

“Ah, that’s not …”

“Shh, we came from the second master Ye Beichen. Wow, he is so gentle and handsome. He can spend a night with him, and he is willing to die.”

Speaking of Ye Beichen, a few beautifully-dressed girls’ eyes immediately burst into red bubbles, and soon opened the topic.

Su Bowl swallowed the last snack, and she also listened to it. She was not interested at all about the two grandfathers at night. If it wasn’t for her father’s insistence, she wouldn’t have come to such a boring blind date convention. A house of exquisitely dressed ladies is like waiting for the battle of the ancient emperor to choose her concubine.

Not too lazy to listen, she got up to avoid the noise at the party and went out to eat.

In the cold night sky, the wind blew the sound of rustle through the canopy. A swing stood quietly under the tree. Su Bowl’s eyes lit up when she saw the swing, and her childlike heart rose. She looked around and seemed nobody. Over, she walked over and sat on the swing, swinging in the memory of her childhood.

The happy Su Bowl completely forgot that she was wearing an evening dress and ten-inch high heels under her feet. When the swing was swinging high, she threw her feet, and the left high heel slipped off her feet and crossed a parabola, disappearing in In her sight.

Su Bowl jumped off the swing in annoyance. It was really uncomfortable to raise one foot to the other. She simply took off another shoe and held it in her hand, looking in the direction of the shoe that had just dropped off.

Lifting the shoe feet, Su Bowl found her shadow in the corner of the corridor all the way. Sure enough, she saw her shoes, but there was another pair of men’s leather shoes with shiny uppers. When Su Bowl looked up, her eyes met a pair of cold. Deep eyes, a man full of dangerous breath, her heart trembled, she picked up her shoes and turned away subconsciously.

As a result, as soon as she turned around, she saw two hands-to-hand figures standing on the road behind him. A man and a woman kissed him completely, Su Bowl recognized the woman, a star who married into a giant. Rhythm.

Su Bowl’s eyes widened and she was really shocked. Her face was going to be hot instantly and embarrassing would be flashing. She had never even seen a small movie. Now watching live broadcasts, her heart is not strong enough. Su Bowl left in a hurry, but didn’t notice one step on the stone, and the whole person planted to the ground.

Just when she thought it would fall miserably, she pulled her up in the air vigorously, and a faint smell of grass and grass rushed into her nose, a spin, her body was bound between the wall and the man, A low voice came from above her head.

“Don’t move, I won’t do anything to you.”

The powerful masculinity dived down and wrapped the Su bowl, her heartbeat kept accelerating, her face was burning, the shadow was covering the man’s face, she could not see clearly, but she could feel the strong and precious Gas field.

The ambiguous breath and voice came from not far away. At this time, it was really not suitable to make a noise. Su Bowl nodded embarrassingly at the man, signaled that he would not cause trouble, and prayed in his heart that the two people would leave the place quickly. Too ambiguous and weird.

After confirming that the woman in front of her would be honest, Ye Beilin immediately loosened her and kept a certain distance from her. He wanted to smoke here and leave, but he did not expect someone to perform a show for him. Slightly swept across the other direction, and there were people there.

Taking off his gloves and throwing them to his feet, he no longer looked at her, he just saved her but didn’t want to be found.

Su Wan looked at the corners of this action, this man has cleanliness, is still ill, holding his shoes, Su Bowl tries to ignore the strong presence of men around him, looking for any other way to leave here.

Just thinking about leaving Su Bowl quickly, she didn’t notice that because of her struggle, the water-blue evening dress slipped down to reveal a spring.

Ye Beilin, standing next to Su Bowl, squinted her eyes, catching the movement of the little woman around her without any traces, and took a close look at the subtle expressions on her face. She seemed very calm, but her fluttering breath betrayed her The nervousness came, and she didn’t seem to notice that because of her struggle, the water-blue evening dress slipped down to reveal a spring.

He found that his body was not so disgusted with her approaching, obsidian eyes tightened, locked on the flame-like pattern exposed from her chest, and her deeper eyes became darker, it was her!

Su Bowl found a way that she could leave without disturbing the two fighting figures. She could just go out and bypass the spacer around the corner, and she could see a professional before lifting her feet to two steps. The full camera protruded from the spacer, facing the two lingering figures.

Candid! Su Bowl almost screamed out of fright, and her shoes fell to the ground.

A shadow fell, and the cold feeling pressed on the lips of Su bowl, blocking all her voices back, her brain banged, and she was forgotten any reaction, he was kissing her, he was not Are there cleanliness?

No, this is not the point. The point is her first kiss. This is what she left to her favorite man, Lu Zihao, when she was ready to confess.

Su Bowl’s mind was chaotic, her bewildered eyes gradually focused, and she saw the dimness in the dark eyes of the man. When she was agitated, she lifted her foot and stepped on.

An instant insight into her thoughts, Ye Beilin’s feet avoided in time, her lips chuckled and smiled. For eight years, Little Chili’s temperament had not changed.

Su Bowl’s feet fell heavily to the ground, she was barefoot, and she took a sip of cold air when she was in pain, but did not want to forget that the man’s lips were still pressed, and it was too late when she noticed the extra warmth in her mouth .

His somber eyes grew darker and darker.

The hot breath sprayed on Su bowl’s face, itching with a deadly temptation. Her mouth was filled with the male’s aggressive breath, and her brain was a little hypoxic when it was burning.

Suddenly I felt a hard object around her waist. Su Wanrao knew what it was after knowing it later. Her body couldn’t move, and the hot hard object continued to brush the existence. The bowl bit it hard without thinking about the teeth.

Hissing, Su Bowl tasted bloody, it was her own, and he seemed to know that her movements had withdrawn his tongue in advance.

The tip of his tongue licked the corner of his lips bitten by his teeth, and Su Bowl felt that the man in front of him was too scary.

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