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Be With You 不得不爱 Episode 5 Recap

Hu Xin and Hu Qianyu received a report from Wang Shuwei, saying that Huang Haoran was in contact with a mysterious person recently, and the other party was willing to pay a lot of money to buy Huang Haoran’s stock, and Huang Haoran seemed very excited. Yao Yao and Hu Qianyu played a game at a tennis court outside the city, and both were sweating profusely. After the game, Hu Qianyu invited Yao Yao to dinner with him.

Lin Weiling had been waiting for a certain hotel box and invited Huang Haoran to come for the appointment. When Huang Haoran saw that the mysterious person behind the scenes turned out to be Lin Weiling, he was surprised and looked a little contemptuous. Lin Weiling returned to Hu’s mansion and found that all his belongings were piled at the door. An ominous premonition surged in Lin Weiling’s heart, but no one responded with force.

Lin Weiling kept calling Hu Xin outside the door. Hu Xin sat quietly on the sofa and never answered. Lin Weiling begged Hu Xin to meet again and explain clearly. Hu Xin finally opened the door, but told Lin Weiling that the unfilled check was still valid, and she asked Lin Weiling to leave immediately. Lin Weiling tried to tell Hu Xin with the reasons explained to Hu Qianyu before, but how could Hu Xin listen.

Seeing Lin Weiling’s excited expression, Hu Xin flashed the scene of Lin Weiling cuddling next to him when he was a child. Hu Xin pressured her mood, and she told Lin Wei-Ling Yuan that going high and flying was really good for her. Hu Xin closed the door without hesitation after speaking. Lin Weiling couldn’t return to her senses for a long time in front of the gate, but she knew that she could no longer return.

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