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109 Unusual Things Have Happened

109 Unusual Things Have Happened
Other Title: 109 별일 다 있네 / 109 Byeolil Da Inne / 109 Strange Things

Genres: drama. Romance, scifi, fantasy
South Korea
Park Sun Jae (박선재)
Park Sun Jae (박선재)
Naver TV Cast
Release Date: 
Feb, 2017
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  • Choi Tae Joon as KDI-109
  • Jung Chae Yun as Shin Ki Won
  • Kim Tae Yoon as Jang Hyung Bum
  • Jo Seung Hee as Shin Ki Yun
  • Lee Hyung Suk as Jung Suk Jin
  • Kim Yong Jin (김용진) as Harry
  • Lee Sem (이샘) as Berry
  • Ji Jung Woo (지정우) as Shin Dong Chul
  • Song Tae Woo (송태우) as Shin Ki Han
  • Park Se Yoon (박서윤) as Shin Ki Eun

It KDI-109, a male robot from the future, comes to live with Shin Ki Won’s family. She is a girl who is studying in the philosophy department.

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