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Beauty Private Kitchen 美人私房菜 Episode 22 Recap

Li Ma and the little monkey rushed into the enemy camp. The little monkey was captured. Li Ma wanted to find Baturu, but was also caught by the shameless Wanyan soldiers. The two were locked up by Baturu’s orders. Baturu wanted to know the magic of the God’s Arm Bow, but Li Ma didn’t tell him but ridiculed him, and was beaten by the Wanyan soldiers. The next day, the Wanyan army took Li Ma and the little monkey to the outside of Quezhou City to meet with Lin Jue.

They threatened Lin Jue. If they did not hand over Quezhou City within three days, they would kill Li Ma and the little monkey. Headache, but finally came up with a plan. In order to save Li Ma, he ordered Lin Ji’er to pretend to be captured while Wanyan Zeli left the camp and pretend to be captured. After entering the Wanyan camp, he killed the defenseless Wanyan soldiers and rescued Li Ma and the little monkey. , Several people dressed as Wanyan soldiers broke out of the siege. Yudie, who missed Li Ma, traveled with Zhao Yuanqing. Zhao Yuanqing looked for opportunities to get close to Yudie, but Yudie always kept her distance. Zhao Yuanqing asked why, but was ridiculed by Yudie.

As a king, he only knew how to play but didn’t know. Share worries for the country. Zhao Yuanqing, embarrassed, told Concubine Qin about this, and told Concubine Qin that he was going to promote her outspoken to the head of the kitchen. She also understood why Yudie never forgets Li Ma, so he made up his mind to become a man, so that Yudie Fall in love with him. Gong Quanfu was ordered by Concubine Lu to find a doctor named “Miaoshou Li”.

After the pulse was given to her, Gong Quanfu told her that there was nothing she could do. The distraught Concubine Lu signaled Gong Quanfu to kill Miaoshou Li, and then Concubine Lu became more and more serious Suspicious and nervous, she decided to see Yudie the next day, and Man He found it at this time and cried out the prince’s neglect of her and was willing to use it for Concubine Lu. The two pretended to find Yudie to learn cooking skills. While they were talking, Man He suddenly became unwell and could not help but retching.

The imperial physician diagnosed that Concubine Luo was pregnant. Concubine Lu knew she was furious at first, but Qiuyue told Concubine Lu that she should wait for the prince to come to her now and not act rashly. The prince knew that Concubine Luo was pregnant and asked Concubine Luo to come to show his concern, but at this time Zhou Xiang came in to report on the military situation and interrupted them, and Concubine Luo left in anger. The prince did not come as Qiuyue and Concubine Lu had hoped, and Concubine Qin had to bring Yudie into the palace to cook.

Concubine Lu was even more jealous. Qiuyue persuaded her to stop Concubine Lu from looking for Yudie, but Concubine Lu Decided to design framed Yudie. In the kitchen, Yudie checked the ingredients and went back to the room with Guier who came to look for her to rest. The two did not notice that anyone had sneaked into the kitchen and moved their hands and feet. When entering the palace the next day, Yudie’s food caused discomfort among the soldiers, and Lu Fei said that Yudie had poisoned the food.

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