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1931 Love

1931 Love
Other Title: 1931年的爱情 / Love in 1931

Genres: drama, Period
Yuan De
Yang Shi Ye
 Hunan TV
Release Date: 
December 22, 2016
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The Shanghai business tycoon Shen Muzhi died suddenly, leaving behind a huge legacy and confusing treasures and legends. With many forces on the move, the young master Shen Shuhao, who had been missing for three years, suddenly returned, helping his innocent wife Shang Wanting to get rid of suspicion. Smashed the conspiracy of cousin Shen Yue to usurp the family property. However, he is not the real Shuhao Shen, his name is Zhou Dingyi.

Shang Wanting married into the Shen family, only for wealthy inheritance, but was impressed by Shen Shuhao’s charisma, moved by Shen Shuhao’s deep love, and gradually fell in love with him. For the people she loves, she betrayed her pro-Japanese and criminal family and changed her greedy and vicious nature. For the sake of the national and national interests, Shen Shuhao abandoned his family property and finally joined the revolution.

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