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Step by KARA (Album)

Artist: KARA
Step, Super Girl, The First Bloooooming, Girl’s Talk, MORE
Pop group
South Korea (2007)

Kara was a South Korean pop girl group formed by DSP Media in 2007. The group’s final lineup was composed of Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara and Heo Youngji. Members Nicole Jung and Kang Ji-young officially departed from the group in 2014, while Kim Sung-hee left in 2008.

Music Lists and Lyrics:

  1. STEP – KARA 3rd Album STEP
  2. Mr. Revolution
  3. Lupin Lupin
  4. Mamma Mia 6th Mini Album [Day&Night]
  5. Wanna Revolution
  6. 女神潘朵拉 (Pandora) PANDORA
  7. Honey Pretty Girl Special Edition
  8. CUPID KARA 7th Mini Album ‘In Love’
  9. Honey Pretty Girl (2nd Mini Album)
  10. Pretty Girl Pretty Girl (2nd Mini Album)
  11. Jumping Jumping
  12. Lupin – Girl’s Talk
  13. Break It – Blooming
  14. Runaway Runaway
  15. Rock U – KARA 1st
  16. Pretty Girl (Bani Ver.) Pretty Girl Special Edition
  17. 몰래몰래 – Revolution
  18. We’re With You We’re With You
  19. Aha Revolution
  20. Honey Ver II (Ver II) Pretty Girl Special Edition
  21. Follow Me KARA 4th Album [Full Bloom]
  22. Speed Up Speed Up / Girls Power
  23. ”Goodday”Season II (Season II) Pretty Girl Special Edition
  24. Umbrella Lupin Go Go Summer ! Super Girl
  25. Tasty Love Lupin
  26. Jumpin’ Girl’s Talk
  27. If U Wanna Blooming
  28. Bye Bye Happy Days ! FANTASTIC GIRLS
  29. Lost (feat. 鄭珍雲) (鄭龍珠 獨唱) Solo Collection (韓)

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