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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 49 Recap

Zhang Xiaofan woke up and saw Ah Xiang standing by his bed, complaining that A Xiang should not take him to Tianyin Pavilion. A Xiang said that he saw that Zhang Xiaofan was going to be tried by the three parties and was wronged. That’s why he made this move. Zhang Xiaofan was going back to Qingyun, and Ah Xiang asked him to meet Puhong, the head of Tianyin Pavilion before leaving.

Xiaofan saw Puhong and expressed his gratitude, because the Master Pukong of Tianyin pavilion was trying to heal himself. What he did not expect was that Puhong stopped him and told Zhang Xiaofan that he was right to the sky. Yin Ge was kind and bowed down to him. Puhong thanked Zhang Xiaofan for keeping the secret for Puzhi, saying that Pukong had told him about Liuboshan.

He knew that Zhang Xiaofan was in a difficult situation in Qingyun, so he would explain the situation to the head of Daoxuan later, and Zhang Xiaofan was innocent, but Before that, I had to tell Zhang Xiaofan the truth of the year.

It turned out that Zhang Xiaofan’s experience was not a blunder, but Pu Zhi deliberately did it. After the tragedy in Caomiao Village, Pu Zhi returned to Tianyin Pavilion and confessed in the temple every day for seven years. Puhong told Zhang Xiaofan that Puzhi was the most talented disciple of Tianyin Pavilion for hundreds of years. He walked on famous mountains and rivers and inadvertently obtained the Blood Devouring Orb.

Pu Kong only recognized the Blood Devouring Orb before he knew that he possessed it. Its Zhang Xiaofan is the young man Puzhi taught him. After Pu Zhi got the Blood Devouring Bead that year, he used the magic weapon of Tianyin Pavilion to suppress the Blood Devouring Bead. Pu Zhi, who wanted to learn the secrets of immortality, also came to Qingyun. He hoped that someone would practice Qingyun exercises while practicing Tianyin exercises.

However, Daoxuan declined it. On his way down the mountain, Pu Zhi was attacked by a masked man in black. He was seriously injured and escaped and hid in a temple in Caomiao Village. Because Puzhi always carried the Blood Devouring Orb with him, it inevitably had an impact on him, causing him to magnify his grievances. In addition, after being injured, he became confused and had to temporarily stay in the temple to perform his exercises and heal his injuries, but he did not expect that at night, that person.

The black-clothed masked man chased him again, and put a highly toxic substance on Lin Jingyu’s body—a seven-tailed centipede. Pu Zhi did not want Lin Jingyu to die, so he healed him. The mysterious man in black took advantage of Pu Zhi When he was depleted, he attacked Pu Zhi again and tried to take the Blood Devouring Orb. Pu Zhi worked hard and seriously injured the mysterious man in black.

Afterwards, Puzhi knew that he was bound to die, but his wish of the unity of ten thousand laws was not fulfilled, so he passed on his lifelong practice to Zhang Xiaofan, hoping that Zhang Xiaofan can worship Qingyun, practice the two schools of exercises, and at the same time. The blood bead was handed over to Zhang Xiaofan. Pu Zhi was affected by the demons. He was afraid that Zhang Xiaofan would not be able to worship under Qingyun Gate.

Pu Zhi, who was controlled by the evil spirit, killed all the people in Caomiao Village, so that Qingyun people would earn them because Zhang Xiaofan and Lin Jingyu were orphans. Under the door. Hearing this, Zhang Xiaofan felt like a bolt from the blue.

Tian Buyi asked Lin Jingyu about the situation and inferred that Zhang Xiaofan’s Tianyin exercises were learned before he stepped into the blue sky. He learned that the day before the disaster in Caomiao Village, Pu Zhizeng of Tianyin Pavilion Having been to Qingyun, he must pass through Caomiao Village when he descends the mountain. To Jingyu recalled whether he had seen people of unknown origin in the village back then. Jingyu recalled that he and Xiaofan met Puzhi in the temple, which gave Tian Buyi. The answer is yes.

Xiao Fan couldn’t accept the truth for a while, the mana of the Blood Devouring Bead was also revealed at this time, and the heart demon took the opportunity to enter Xiao Fan’s body. Puhong used his mana to help Xiaofan suppress his inner demon, and Xiaofan was unconscious.

Xiao Fan woke up sitting in front of the stone steps. He was very confused. The truth decades ago and recent encounters made him very confused. He walked to the heart lamp that Puzhi left behind and wanted to be a part of the past. After breaking, Zhang Xiaofan entered the heart lamp. In the illusion, he came to Caomiao Village and met Puzhi.

At this time, Baguio and the wild dog also walked to Caomiao Village, Baguio’s Albizia Bell began to ring, and Baguio worried about Xiao Fan’s safety and began to shout loudly to Xiao Fan, let him not be afraid, and he would stay with him. Next to him, Xiao Fan heard Baguio’s voice. With Baguio’s encouragement, Xiao Fan defeated the demons.

Zhang Xiaofan asked Puhong to know who actually attacked Master Puzhi back then. At this time, Tian Buyi also knew what happened back then from Lin Jingyu. He discussed with Wan Jianyi and believed that the people who attacked Puzhi back then were Qingyun people, because only Qingyun people knew the whereabouts of Puzhi, and Xiaofan After stepping into Qingyun, he was attacked twice by a masked man in black.

Puhong told Zhang Xiaofan that the man who attacked Puzhi that night used the Heaven and Earth Profound Thunder. Zhang Xiaofan thought about it and shouted that it was not good because, except for Lu Xueqi, the only person who used this method was the first one with a high ranking. Tian Buyi also told Wan Jianyi how the people on Liupo Mountain were trapped by the Cangsong magic circle. He was deeply surprised and the spies were ready to come out.

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