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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 46 Recap

Early the next morning, Zhang Xiaofan went to Master Tian not easy, and told him that the magic sect was planning a strategizing plan and that there might be actions today. He frankly frankly to the master. Leaving Liubo Mountain today. Tian Buyi sighed with emotion that Zhang Xiaofan had grown up. Afterwards, Tian Buyi asked Tian Ling’er to take care of the injured Zhang Xiaofan, so he hurriedly left to discuss countermeasures with Cang Song and others.

Suddenly Kui Niu appeared, a large cloud of black smoke on the mountain, Xiao Fan was anxiously restless, Tian Linger could not withstand Xiao Fan’s plea, and took Xiao Fan out to check the situation. The two met Lu Xueqi and Axiang as soon as they got out of the tent. Xueqi said that it was her fault that day, and that Xiao Fan should not be left alone in the mountains to give the people of Fenxiang Valley a chance. In the distance, the black smoke became thicker and thicker, Xiao Fan and Xueqi and the four hurried away.

Tian Buyi waited for the decent people to fight with You Ji and the others. You Ji and the others retreated suddenly. Cang Song said that he would set up a magic circle here to prevent the demon cultists from designing a frame.

In fact, the ghost king and Baguio Qin Wuyan were on the distant mountain, watching the actions of Cangsong and others, Baguio’s face was sad, she was worried about Zhang Xiaofan’s safety.

Tian Ling’er, Xue Qi and others rushed to support, asking Xiao Fan to stay aside. Qin Wuyan and the King of Ghosts increased their mana, and the black smoke dispersed. It was an innumerable black poisonous insect. Cang Song realized that they had been tricked. The magic circle he had placed before was intended to trap the demons and trapped everyone. ,

Qinglong and You Ji came when everyone was overwhelmed, and the scene was very critical. Zhang Xiaofan appeared, he used one enemy ten, exhausted his power to fight against the Gu worm, cracked Cangsong’s magic circle, and decent people’s magic power can be used.

The ghost king was furious, thinking that Zhang Xiaofan had broken his good deeds and increased his magic power to make the divine beast Kuan Niu appear. Everyone was busy fighting against the demons. The yellow bird appeared, temporarily protecting Xiaofan and Xiaofan. Mobilizing the mana of the Heavenly Book in his body, he used the Wanwan Heart Clock to suppress Kuiniu. Everyone was shocked by Xiaofan’s skill. Shangguan Ce was still condemning Xiaofan and questioning how Qingyun disciples could use Tianyin Pavilion’s martial arts.

The ghost king watched that Kui Niu had been suppressed by Xiao Fan and led the people of the ghost king sect to retreat. Xiao Fan fainted on the ground due to exhaustion. Tian Buyi took him back to his training and lay on the bed in a daze. When Xiaofan heard the master accusing everyone of doubting him, he told everyone with certainty that whether Zhang Xiaofan was a traitor or not, he was his closed disciple. Today I do not allow anyone to take him away.

Qingyun, in front of the head, each of the first people is arguing about how to deal with Zhang Xiaofan. Cangsong stubbornly believes that Zhang Xiaofan’s collusion with the Demon Cult is likely to be the work of Tianyin Pavilion and insists on severe punishment. Tian Buyi listed various historical facts since Xiaofan joined the Qingmen, and saved Zeng Shushu and Lu Xueqi from distress several times along the way.

When everyone was nearly killed because of Kui Niu, he did his best to save everyone. The head believes that Tian Buyi’s words are reasonable, and he believes that the current plan is to understand how the Tianyin technique in Zhang Xiaofan’s body came from.

Cang Song is still reluctant and needs to punish Zhang Xiaofan severely. Tian Buyi said that he understands Zhang Xiaofan’s nature well. , He wouldn’t say things he didn’t want to say, everyone would just persecute Xiao Fan to death. After listening to Tian Buyi’s explanation, the headmaster agreed to teach Zhang Xiaofan to Tian Buyi.

Xiao Fan was in Qingyun, enduring the guidance of everyone. He also knew that he was so bad at this time. He went to the kitchen and told his mother that he wanted to cook for everyone, because he knew that there were not many opportunities like this. , His mother relieved him and told him that no matter what, she believed him.

During the meal, Xiao Fan saw the seniors with blue noses and swollen faces, and asked what happened. From everyone’s words, he learned that the people of Chaoyang Peak had been slandering him. The seniors had been fighting against them in order to defend themselves. They kept suppressing the angry Tian not easily furious. Xiaofan should explain clearly what happened before. Xiaofan explained it deliberately, but he could not. Because when he was young, he promised Puzhi not to tell others the things that Puzhi passed on to him. He only Can tell Tian Buyi that he has done nothing wrong.

Tian Buyi asked Zhang Xiaofan to promise that he had nothing to do with Ghost King Zong. Xiaofan said that as a Qingyun disciple, he was not at odds with the demons. Tian Buyi suddenly said that in this case, he wanted Xiaofan to go down the mountain to kill Baguio, and bring her head back to prove his innocence.

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