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The Legend of Chusen S1 青云志1 Episode 34 Recap

Baguio, who was lying on the bed unconscious, was still calling Xiaofan’s name. The ghost king sitting beside was distressed, and he sighed that Baguio looked like her mother. It turned out that in those days, Baguio’s mother, Xiaochi, despite her sister’s dissuasion, exhausted hundreds of years of spiritual energy to heal the King of Ghosts, and stayed by his side, but her life was lost.

The ghost king couldn’t bear his daughter going through this torture. He cast a spell to take away Baguio’s memory and stored her memory in the magical artifact. You Ji came to look after Baguio, and when he saw the ghost king’s behavior, he asked what he did to Baguio After learning the truth, You Ji accused the ghost king of deceiving herself and others. The ghost king asked her and Wan Jianyi did their best to be together back then. A hundred years later, she is still suffering. The ghost king confessed that he did not want Baguio to suffer such torture. You Ji was speechless for a while.

Mr. Ghost apologized to the King of Ghosts for accidentally hurting Baguio. The King of Ghosts relieved him not to take it to heart. The King of Ghosts said that for a while, he could not get the scriptures from Xiaofan’s body. It would be better to put him back to Qingyun, but he was worried about Xiaofan. It ended up like Lin Jingyu, Mr. Gui said that as long as the two of them kept a secret, and let Xiao Yi cooperate with Xiao Fan, this would not be someone who could not hide from Qingyun.

Qingyun’s ancestor temple, Lin Jingyu concentrated on cleaning the ancestral hall, Wan Jianyi saw Jingyu’s frustration, he asked Jingyu whether he regretted what he did, Jingyu categorically expressed no regrets, because he had done nothing wrong. Wan Jianyi told Jingyu a story. Back then, there was a young man who, like Jingyu, had an extraordinary talent and was Qingyun’s most favored disciple, but his future was ruined because of his relationship with the demon girl. Jingyu said that he had heard about it. That disciple was named Jianyi, but the shocking Yu didn’t know about it. That person named Wan Jianyi was the mysterious old man in front of him.

Wan Jianyi didn’t want to reveal his identity. He told Jingyu that the head of the year was very optimistic about the relationship between Jianyi and the Demon Cult’s daughter. He even thought that this could resolve the misunderstanding between Qingyun and the Demon Cult. The female shoulders the heavy responsibility of disintegrating Qingyun and stealing the sword of Zhu Xian.

As a result, the battle between the right and the devil is on the verge of breaking out. Several of Qingyun’s disciples lost their lives in this station. Daoxuan, after taking over as the head, vowed to be incompatible with the demon sect.

Jingyu seemed to have guessed that Wan Jianyi was the old man in front of him, and he asked, did the Qingyun disciple regret that year? Wan Jianyi did not respond.

You Ji sent Xiaofan away from Huqishan, and she asked Xiaofan not to contact Baguio anymore, because the difference between righteousness and demons was like a ditch that could not be overridden. Xiaofan said that she would not give up until the last step, her eyes looked Between, is full of perseverance.

Qin Wuyan has been living in Huqi Mountain. Baguio, who has lost his memory, saw Qin Wuyan and asked who he was. Qin Wuyan concealed his identity and told Baguio that he was a friend of the Qinglong Ambassador.

On the way back, Xiaofan met Lu Xueqi who came to look for him. Xueqi asked where he went after separating from Jingyu. Xiaofan told the truth and said that he had gone to Baguio to recover the heavenly book. Xiaofan asked Jingyu. What is the status quo, Xueqi took out a letter and told Xiaofan that his mother had asked herself to hand it over to Xiaofan. In the letter, her mother told Xiaofan to avoid the messenger and flee quickly, not to return to Qingyun for the time being.

After investigating the matter of Lin Jingyu’s beastization, he would inform him again. Only then did Zhang Xiaofan know that something had happened to Jingyu, he lied that he still had something to do and couldn’t return to Qingyun for the time being. Unexpectedly, Lu Xueqi drew his sword and faced each other.

Zhang Xiaofan couldn’t bear to do something with the senior sister, and only used one move to resolve the offensive. Lu Xueqi was stunned because she saw that Xiaofan had just used the magic technique. Xiaofan said that the matter was investigated. After the Qing Dynasty, he would plead with the teacher. Xueqi left angrily, Zeng Shushu rushed over and took Xiaofan back to Yudu City.

Zeng Shushu told Xiaofan that he had given the city lord to his cousin Li Xun for his grandfather, because Li Xun said that he had the Xuanhuojian in his hands and could save the petrochemical grandfather. Xiaofan expressed his understanding, which moved Zeng Shushu very much, but Xiaofan advised Zeng Shushu not to be careless and let Yu Du fall into the hands of people with unhealthy minds.

Xiaohuan thought that Li Xun was acting despicable, and his grandfather had to negotiate terms to save her. Li Xun and his younger sister Yan Hong heard the sound. Yan Hong was not used to Xiaohuan’s words, and even drew out the sword, and still domineeringly expressed today’s Yu is the world of Fenxianggu, when Xiaofan stopped her when she took the shot, and left with Xiaohuan, Zeng Shushu and others, Yanhong chased after Xuanhuojian, and Xueqi came and accused her of using the immortal family technique to fight.

Ordinary people, Yan Hong in turn accused Xiao Fan of colluding with Baguio. Xueqi defeated Yan Hong. After returning, she asked Xiao Fan what happened in Huqi Mountain. Xiao Fan said that she didn’t want to return to Qingyun, but could not, because she was going to Dinghai.

On the way to Zhuang, he met an orc. Later, he vaguely felt that the Demon Cult was related to this matter, so he rushed to the Demon Cult to find out the situation. Xueqi heard the words and thought that what Xiaofan had said was reasonable, and that the beastization of the shocked feather was too strange. But Li Xun came aggressively and accused Xiao Fan of stealing Xuan Huo Jian, leaving Xiao Fan blank.

In fact, Xuan Huo Jian was dropped by Yan Hong in Jinxiu Fang. At this time, Xuan Huo Jian was in Xiao Huan’s hands, but Xiao Huan did not intend to return Xuan Huo Jian to Li Xun in order to punish Li Xun.

Zeng Shushu and Xiaofan realized that Xuanhuojian had a close relationship with the resurrected beast god. At this time, the ghost king was deciding to send Qin Wuyan to take back Xuanhuojian. Qin Wuyan bid farewell to Baguio. When talking about the resurrection of the beast god, Xiao Fan flashed through Baguio’s mind, not to resurrect the beast god, so he decided to go to Yudu with Qin Wuyan.

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